Who Is Bambidoe? Girlfriend Of Sauce Walka?

The Houston musician Sauce Walka, real identity Albert Walker Mundane, came looking last night when word spread that a California man was allegedly murdered while trying to rob him of his jewellery while the rapper was in Los Angeles on business.

In an alleged attempt to protect himself during a theft of the diamond chains he was wearing, the 32-year-old allegedly caught a body. Then he quickly posted a video on Instagram addressing the incident that day before suspicions could start to circulate.

Houston, Texas, native and American rapper and songwriter Albert Walker Mundane was born on June 29, 1990. He had a challenging childhood because his parents had split up. Walka mentioned that his mother was an addict in one of his songs. His struggle with his attached mother helped shape him into the superhero he is today. Father, a professional foster parent, finally adopted him as a custodial child. He has a brother by the name of Dillon Lemons.

In 2007, Albert Mundane joined the Houston ship crew Mostheard and launched his rapping career as A-Walk. In 2014, he started releasing mixtapes under the name Sauce Walka. That same year, he and fellow rapper Sancho Saucy formed the group Sauce Twinz. In 2015, Mondane rose to stardom. After releasing the diss track “Wack 2 Wack”, in which he accuses Drake of stealing Houston hip-hop culture.

A woman named Bambidoe is the woman he is reportedly dating right now. After the leak of their sex tape, they both gained notoriety and generated headlines. They held back information regarding their prior relationships and dating activities.

In the summer of 2009, Mundane was involved in a gun-related incident.
For many years, Sauce has worked on the record label. In 2022, Sauce Walka’s net worth will be close to $7 million US. His yearly earnings exceed $500,000.

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