Her mother confirmed it via Facebook.

Whitney Collings, one of the contestants on the American reality show Bad Girls Club, has passed away, as confirmed by her mother on Facebook. With only 33 years, the celebrity would have died in a hospital near the city of Boston, according to the information given by the specialized portal TMZ.

The sad news’s confirmation has come thanks to social networks, where family and friends have wanted to say goodbye to her. “I am completely devastated and will never get over this. Life is so unfair. She was kind and had a big heart, “wrote Collings’s mother, Linda Houghton Collings.

Collins’ past and childhood played an important role during her appearance on the third season of the Bad Girls Club show. The reality is about a mix between Big Brother and Gandía Shore, where they bring together conflictive young people and in which the deceased starred in big fights in the mansion where they were locked up.

Whitney participated in reality with only 21 years old, although space would continue to air until 2017, after 17 seasons and 275 episodes broadcast on television. Following her popularity thanks to Bad Girls Club, she tried to start a career in the film world with a role in the movie Summer of the Saint. However, the tape was never finished.

Whitney Collins Died
Whitney Collins passed away last week at the age of 33, according to TMZ (Oxygen).


The deceased never denied her time in reality, despite the controversies she starred. “I am thrilled,” she said. “It was a once in a lifetime opportunity. Good or bad, you have to accept it. I would do it again. I do not regret anything “, he assured in an interview granted in 2009 to the RealityWanted.com website.

But it has not been the only death that the well-known American reality show has experienced. In June, another notable participant died at the age of 34. Mimi, known to the audience as Roche, also died of causes that were not disclosed. Whitney Collings’ is the show’s new tragic episode.

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