Which EXATLON 6 USA Participants Could Enter La Casa de los Famosos?

The end of the sixth season of the reality of the successful sports show the Exatlon United States is about to come to an end next Monday, May 9, here the entire audience will meet the winner of the so-called “Fierce Competition on the Planet” that, once again it showed that it is definitely not suitable for cardiac patients.

From EXATLON USA to The House of Celebrities

As we have all seen, the Telemundo network has two shows that are considered “the goose that lays the golden eggs” these are the Exatlon United States, which has already had six successful seasons, and “La Casa de Los Famosos”, which will begin its second season on May 10, one day after the expected outcome of Exatlon USA.

As we could already see in the inaugural season of La Casa de los Famosos, Kelvin Noé Rentería, fresh from the fifth season of Exatlon Estados Unidos, was one of those who joined the luxurious house in which, week after week, well-known figures from the world of entertainment, measured skills through different challenges in which they were eliminated and that, after several weeks, crowned the actress and former Miss Universe 1996 Alicia Machado as the brand new winner with 40 million votes from the audience.

Kelvin Noé Rentería: A well-received experience

Against all odds, the participation of Kelvin Noé Rentería in “La Casa de los Famosos” was a complete success, here he not only had the support of the fan base that accompanied him in Exatlon Estados Unidos, but also gained new followers who followed each one of his steps in the house, not in vain positioned himself among the favorites, reaching the last days of the competition that will start again with a different group, but that also promises a lot of drama.

Which EXATLON 6 USA participants could enter La Casa de los Famosos?

There is a lot of speculation on different portals for fans that assure that in the second season of “La Casa de los Famosos” they could, like the first, include former participants of the sixth season of Exatlon Estados Unidos I understand that, already the success of this formula would be proven after the success that Kelvin meant.

Several YouTubers specialized in information related to Exatlon Estados Unidos assure that in La Casa de los Famosos some positions are missing that are usually filled with the so-called “surprise participants”, as happened with Alicia Machado in the first season, and that in fact these spaces remaining could be filled with some favorite ex-participants from the sixth season of Exatlon USA.

The names that would be ringing the most are Frank de la Cruz; one of the favorites of Team Contendientes, and Isabella Arcila, of Team Famosos, who would be in this case a man and a woman, but of course, that has not yet been officially confirmed as both athletes are still in the competition disputing the prized final.

Now, in the case of Frank De La Cruz, his name has been sounded by the fans for several days.

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