When is Halloween 2020?

Halloween is one of the most anticipated celebrations for children in the United States. This year it is celebrated on Saturday, October 31, 2020, so it is opportune that from now on they are preparing their best costumes and sweets to celebrate big.

Halloween, traditionally called ‘All Saints’ Eve’, is celebrated the night before ‘All Saints Day’ of the Catholic community, whose holiday is celebrated on November 1, 2020, the first Sunday of November.

In the United States, it is a tradition for families to dress up themed costumes and deliver candy to children in their neighborhood. As well as decorating the houses according to the theme to make the celebration much more spooky.

Halloween is celebrated on October 31, 2020.

The history of Halloween

According to History.com , the tradition originated with the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain, when people lit bonfires and wore costumes to protect themselves from ghosts. In the 8th century, Pope Gregory designated November 1 as a holiday to honor all the saints. Later, All Saints’ Day incorporated some of the Samhain traditions.

The night before ‘All Saints’ Day’ was known as’ All Hallows Eve ‘and shortly after, as Halloween. Over the years, Halloween became a holiday for trick-or-treating, carving scary pumpkins, meeting friends, dressing up costumes, and eating candy at the end of the day.

Currently, US citizens spend $ 6 billion annually on Halloween celebrations, making it the second-largest business holiday in the United States after Christmas, according to History.com .

The Halloween tradition in the United States of trick-or-treating during this holiday dates back to the first ‘Day of the Dead’ parades in England. During these parades, poor citizens begged for food and families gave them cakes that were traditionally called “soul cakes” in exchange for their promises to pray for the family’s dead relatives.

While it is true that in the United States it is customary to celebrate Halloween in costumes, the tradition has both European and Celtic roots. Hundreds of years ago, it was believed that ghosts returned to the underworld, so people thought that if they left their homes they would encounter ghosts. To avoid being recognized by these ghosts, people wore masks when they left their homes at nightfall, this in order that the ghosts confuse them with other spirits.

When is Halloween 2020?
Halloween is one of the most important holidays in the United States. Getty Images

In the past, families used to place plates of food outside their homes on Halloween in order to appease ghosts and prevent them from trying to enter their homes.

When is Halloween celebrated in the next few years?

  • Sunday, October 31, 2021
  • Monday, October 31, 2022
  • Tuesday, October 31, 2023
When is Halloween 2020?
Halloween is generally celebrated on the last day of October.

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