When Does EXATLON 6 USA End?

The sixth season of the so-called “fiercetest competition on the planet” Exatlon United States, is only a month away from its exciting outcome where the audience will meet the long-awaited winning duo, that man and that woman who will make history by becoming the duo winner of a new season of the most famous sports reality show on Spanish television.


Although the sixth season of Exatlon United States has stayed away from unnecessary dramas that cloud the sports side of the competition, it is no secret to anyone that different things have happened that have set a precedent in the current edition and have drawn the attention of the hundreds of thousands of fans who day after day fervently follow these warriors on their different paths to achieve the dream of succeeding in the intricate sands of the Dominican Republic.

Among all that has made the sixth season of Exatlon United States particularly unique, is that it returned to its essence with 24 totally new warriors, this after fans almost campaigned on social networks to prevent athletes from previous seasons from returning. . It has been so much so that even the reinforcements that have been added are totally new.

Another important detail has been that, as is logical in any evolution and to keep the fans engaged with the competition, in the sixth installment there have been not only new circuits that require a very high level but the previous ones have been reformulated in order to bring to another level the different challenges that athletes face day after day with the aim of accumulating fabulous prizes on the way to the grand final, where they will be able to measure forces for the jackpot.

Something that also has all the followers of Exatlon Estados Unidos impressed is that apparently all the rumors on social networks would have come true and the current season of Exatlon Estados Unidos would be short and we would already be only weeks away from the grand finale. This video, courtesy of the fan portal JacoJRx2, even reveals the detailed date of when we will know the winners of the sixth season.

When does EXATLON 6 USA end?

We have already been able to see that the format is changing and two athletes left the competition. According to the video that we are going to share, the sixth season of Exatlon United States would be ending between the next May 8 or 10. Exactly in 4 weeks.

Defining this date is simple, since Telemundo’s next reality show, ‘La Casa de los Famosos’ in its second season, announced its start date and this would be the 11th. Therefore, it is expected that “the fiercest competition on the planet ” finish days before.

Although the duration of the sixth season of Exatlon Estados Unidos has not been the same as the previous ones, this has not limited its success, which continues in its final stage from Monday to Friday at 7 pm / 6 pm central with special Sundays at elimination.

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