What Was Cooper Noriega Cause Of Death Autopsy Report? We Explain

Cooper Noriega, the famous TikTok star who died at the age of 19 after he posts a cryptic post on his TikTok account, autopsy reports revealed.

No doubt that the death of the famous TikTok star has left everyone shocked; fans are currently mourning the death of their beloved TikTok star.

According to our information, a random stranger who was passing by discovered Noriega. He shortly call 911 and as soon as 911 received a call the paramedics arrived. But before they could bring Noriega back to life, he took his last breath a few hours ago; and was no more.

Apart from his fans, his death is an eye-opening message to every young individual; “Death is unpredictable and can come to us anywhere and anywhere.”

Fans request the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department to release the cause of death. To which the LA Coroner’s Office spoke person replied, “Once the tests/studies come back, the doctor evaluates the case again and makes the cause of death determination.”

The authorities have announced the second post-mortem as the first post-mortem did not benefit in any way to find the real cause of death. The first-autopsy report said “deferred” which means that the cause of death is still unclear to the medical examiner. To find in-depth into Cooper Noriega’s cause of death; they need to do another autopsy.


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