What Are The United States Public Holidays For 2021?

After going through the very complicated year 2020 by the coronavirus pandemic characterized by many restrictions and deprivations that have the majority of human beings in the world with great desire to return to enjoy free spaces, to go out and perform daily activities of life, among which are for many the fact of traveling. That is why, from the very moment that 2021 began, many are already looking at this year’s calendar, to know what the holidays will be for the year, and thus from now on, planning all the events and outings. that can be done in the middle of Covid-19.

Americans and all citizens living in this country are no exception to these wishes, so here we are going to leave you all the information about the days that will be celebrated in this country. The variation of the calendar is not much, and the holidays are the same, so the programming is the order of the day, so that, together with friends, family, or your partner, these days are destined to share and relax.

How many holidays will the United States have in 2021?

In total, there are 10 days in which there will be no study or workday in the United States.

Citizens of this country will be able to enjoy days off in all the months of 2021, but January and November are the months with the most holidays. On the contrary, the months of April, June and August will be the only months in which nothing is celebrated, so the days will feel a little heavier.

The first holiday is over. It was January 1, 2021, which marked New Year’s Day or also called the first big holiday of the year, however, this is just the beginning of the many holidays that will be celebrated. Now, let’s see the calendar and plan the days of relaxation, always taking into account the coronavirus pandemic, which has not yet disappeared from our lives.

United States Holidays 2021

For this 2021, three holidays that are usually celebrated on the exact date will be celebrated on different days since they will fall during the weekend. Federal holidays are those established by law and are included in the employers’ calendar. Government offices and banks tend to close during the holidays.

2021 has an additional holiday since January 1, 2022, will fall on a Saturday, so the holiday will be Friday, December 31, 2021.

• Friday, January 1: New Year’s Day Monday
• Monday, January 18: Martin Luther King Jr. Day
 Monday, February 15: President’s Day

• Monday, May 31: Memorial Day Day)

• Sunday, July 4: Independence Day
Monday, September 6: Labor Day
 Monday, October 11: Columbus Day (Indigenous Peoples’ Day in some states)

• Thursday, November 11: Veterans Day

• Thursday, November 25:: Thanksgiving Day
• Friday, November 26:  Day after Thanksgiving
• Friday, December 24  , Christmas Day (replaces December 25)

• Friday, December 31: New Years Day (replaces January 1, 2022)


* Some employers have the option to choose between granting Veterans Day or Columbus Day
* The Day after Thanksgiving is not a federal holiday, but it is a holiday in most states and is usually granted by employers.

Unofficial holidays

There are also other holidays that, although they are not official, tend to have an impact on jobs and schools, as they usually have special events.
• February 14:  Valentine’s Day
• April 30:  Good Friday
• May 9:  Mother’s Day
• October 31:  Halloween

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