Dua Lipa presented the video during her guest appearance on “The Jimmy Kimmel Show”, in the segment “Who-a Lipa?”

A classic on television is when performers dress up to surprise audiences, but this time, Dua Lipa didn’t have to put in much effort.

Dua Lipa interviews

After her monologue as a guest entertainer on The Jimmy Kimmel Show, the singer presented a segment called “Who-a Lipa ?”, In which she basically showed a series of interviews in which she chatted with several older people in which she did questions about pop and your own music.

What very few imagined is that it could go unnoticed.

The reaction of the last interviewee to whom he told the truth is priceless, as is the response of a lady who spent 10 minutes criticizing photos of past outfits of Dua Lipa.

The fact became a trend on social networks.

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