Walter Olkewicz Died: How Did Actor Die?

Walter Olkewicz, a supporting actor whom we have seen in series such as Twin Peaks, Courthouse, Grace red hot, Who’s the boss? Seinfeld, has passed away at the age of 72 due to health problems that have affected him in recent years. His son has confirmed the news, according to Variety.

Olkewicz had a varied career as a supporting actor in film and television, but above all, he will be remembered by Twin Peaks fans as the character  Jacques Renault, one of the villains of the David Lynch and Mark Frost series. 

Renault worked as a waiter at the Roadhouse and as a dealer at the One-Eyed Jacks, the brothel casino across the Canadian border; Along with his brothers, he was also involved in drug trafficking and was arrested for the murder of Laura Palmer and attempted murder of  Ronette Pulaski.

Olkewicz played Renault with extra grimosity and displeasure, who ended up being suffocated by Leland Palmer in the hospital where he was recovering from the shot he received during his arrest. However, the actor returned to play the same character in the prequel Twin Peaks: Fire walks with me (1992) and even in the third season of the series, released in 2017.

Red Hot Grace, the comedy starring  Brett Butler, was another of Olkewicz’s most important television credits, who throughout his career also played supporting roles in series such as Duty Court, The A-Team, Taxi, Cheers, ¿ Who is the boss ?, Half, Married with children, Everwood or Seinfeld.

On the big screen, the actor was in Steven Spielberg’s 1941 (1979) and as a mob lawyer in  The Client (1994), the John Grishman adaptation by Joel Schumacher.

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