Walewska Oliveira Death and Obituary: What Happened?

The Olympic champion’s former teammate Paula Pequeno confirmed the news on social media after it was first reported by the Canarian portal Melhor do Volei.

This Friday, Brazilian sports are grieving the passing of former volleyball star Walewska Oliveira, who played for clubs like Minas or Praia.

Cause of death and funeral:

The exact cause of Walewska Oliveira’s death is still a secret as of this moment in time. The news of Walewska Oliveira’s death sent shockwaves through the volleyball community and beyond. She was a talented athlete who was lauded for her contributions to Brazilian volleyball, and many people were shocked by her sudden disappearance. The family and close friends have kept this information private out of respect for their right to a quiet funeral.

Since there have been no official announcements regarding what caused her death, speculation and rumours have unavoidably surfaced. It’s crucial to keep in mind that their home or authorised agents may be the only reliable source of this information. Yet her funeral has not been announced.

The legacy of Walewska Oliveira is not exclusively determined by the circumstances of her dying, but rather by her extraordinary achievement and dedication.

Who was Walewska Oliveira?

Beginning in 2000, Brazilian volleyball player Walewska Moreira Oliveira competed in three consecutive Summer Olympics. She was born on 1 October 1979 and passed away on 21 September 2023. She won a bronze medal with the Australian women’s national team in Sydney and won a gold medal at the Beijing Olympics in 2008. At the 1999 Pan American Games, Walewska also won the gold medal.

Some are speculating as the world mourns the passing of a sporting legend whether Walewska Oliveira was dealing with depression. In the world athlete at the highest level can be enormous, and athletes may experience specific difficulties related to their psychological health.


Oliveira’s former Brazil team-mate Sheilla Castro added: “Walzinha, you have always been an example for me on and off the court.

“The pain is too great. Now the mourning is different due to your early departure.”

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