[Video] Young Dolph Shot To Death In Memphis While Inside A Store

According to witnesses, the musician had entered to buy cookies when an unknown vehicle perpetrated the shots. The artist had already suffered attacks of such magnitude in 2017, leaving multiple injuries on his body, attributing the situation to “jealousy” for his fame and success in the industry.

At dawn on Wednesday, November 17, three police sources confirmed to FOX13 that the 36-year-old rapper,  Young Dolph, was shot and killed in Memphis, a city on the Mississippi River in southwest Tennessee.

The events were allegedly perpetrated at Makeda’s Butter Cookies, a store that Dolph entered to buy butter cookies.

In this context, some witnesses to the shooting point out that a vehicle stopped and fired several times against one of the front windows of the place, hitting the artist squarely.

It is relevant to remember that Young had already been the victim of the shooting. In 2017, he was shot multiple times at the door of a Hollywood shoe store. Even earlier that year, the rapper’s truck was shot more than 100 while in Charlotte, North Carolina.

At the time, Dolph acquired several bulletproof cars, and attributed the attacks out of jealousy and hatred for his fame, success, and musical wealth.

The rapper is known for songs like Major and On the River. During the journey of his career, he managed to produce seven albums, the first being in 2016 entitled King of Memphis ” .

The rapper’s real name is Adolf Robert Thornton, Jr, who also became popular with his community for making charitable donations, helping schoolchildren, and donating money to his former Hamilton High School.

According to police information, it is assumed that there was another person with Young at the time of the shooting, however, no information about the possible culprit has yet been revealed.

Some artists on the music scene began to regret his departures, such as  Quavo, an American rapper, songwriter, and record producer.

Last Video Of Young Dolph Outside Cookie Store Before His Death Surfaced

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