Valeria Silvestre Died: What Happened To Her?

The well-known Argentine tiktoker Valeria Silvestre, just 23 years old, died while on vacation on a bus with her friends in Brazil.

The well-known Argentine tiktoker Valeria Silvestre, just 23 years old, died while on a bus with her friends on vacation, news that has shocked all her followers.

It was her cousin Mile who reported on TikTok about the tragic incident, which took place while the young woman was vacationing in Florianópolis, Brazil, from where she had posted funny videos and photos in previous days, according to various media reports.

The followers did not believe the news, but Mile explained that her cousin fell asleep on a bus and when they tried to wake her up, it turned out that she had unfortunately suffered a cardiac arrest.

“They started doing CPR to revive her while they called an ambulance. They took her to a hospital and there they told us she was gone. She went into cardiac arrest and left us,” he said.

“I explain this because there are people who are breaking my eggs saying that it is a lie. Do they think that I or my family could f**k with that? It doesn’t matter!” Added the cousin.

Silvestre, with more than almost 400,000 followers on TikTok, became popular on social networks for her original content, in which she mainly talked about literature, recommended books, and also liked to comment on the zodiac and astrology.

In her last photos this week, the young woman was seen enjoying the sea and the Brazilian sun in the company of her friends, and what they never imagined was that this tragic ending would unfold.

In her last Instagram photo, her followers left hundreds of messages for the young influencer. “May you rest in peace beautiful😭💘”; “fly high okay”; “rest in peace princess😢❤️”; “Thank you for your fight Valen 💚 I kept accompanying her from wherever you are, rest in peace beautiful”; “teach the stars to shine🤍”, the followers told him.

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