Valentina Boscardin Died: What Happened To Her?

The covid-19 has claimed one more victim, the daughter of the model and businesswoman Marcia Boscardin, Valentina, who died this weekend, at age 18, after a thrombosis during the contagion of coronavirus.

The young woman was on the rise and ready to embark on an international career; the model, according to local media, was immunized against covid-19.

According to local media reports, the young woman was vaccinated against COVID-19 with two doses of the Pfizer vaccine, but she could not recover from pneumonia and thrombosis she presented.

The young woman, the daughter of the famous television presenter Márcia Boscardin, was admitted to a hospital in São Paulo and had two doses of the Pfizer vaccine. According to her surroundings, the young woman was experiencing thrombosis and pneumonia.

The young woman’s mother shared a text in which a family friend comments on her death, saying it was due to covid, followed by thrombosis and pneumonia. The text also states that she was healthy and with two doses of the vaccine.

The teenager, who had been vaccinated twice, died a few days later, on January 9, of “covid-19,” according to Brazilian media. However, the 18-year-old was healthy and had no underlying health problems, according to her mother.

The model worked for the Ford Model Brasil São Paulo agency and was in full growth of her artistic career. “Valentina was on the rise and ready to embark on an international career,” added Campos. After lamenting the premature death of the young woman, with “sadness”, he confirmed that “she was immunized with both doses of Pfizer”, the vaccine against the coronavirus.

The messages of different personalities from Brazil multiplied on her mother’s Instagram, in which she received numerous condolences, in which they lamented the loss of the 18-year-old model. So far, they have not provided information about the reasons why her condition worsened despite having been immunized with the full vaccination schedule

Marcia revealed the tragic news of her daughter’s death Sunday night in an Instagram post:

“With great pain, I say goodbye to the love of my life. Goodbye, Valentina Boscardin Mendes, may God receive you with open arms. I am speechless My daughter, I will always love you. An angel goes up to heaven ”.

Several Brazilian celebrities paid tribute to Valentina, including former model and businesswoman Helô Pinheiro, Cristiana Oliveira, Adriane Galisteu, Monica Carvalho, among others, who have uploaded their messages of condolences to social networks.

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