A Group of netizens has been campaigning against EXO’s Chen since he announced his marriage and paternity.

After ten months, the EXO-L fandom celebrates another victory against Chen’s anti-fans. On November 23, the EXO-L ACE CAFE Twitter account appeared as suspended, indicating that it had violated the community rules of the said social network.

As recalled, this profile was the face of the campaign against Kim Jongdae’s permanence as a member of EXO since January 2020, when the vocalist made public his future marriage and the pregnancy of his partner.

Although much of the fandom responded positively to the news, the faction that took the name EXO-L ACE CAFE decided to promote various activities to pressure the agency and the singer to give up his career within the K-pop group. One of his most memorable moments was the protest outside the SM COEX Artium, which was mocked by Internet users for its poor reception.

EXO-L ACE organized a protest to remove Chen from EXO, but they didn’t get the response they hoped for. Photo Yonhap
The best memes left by the unsuccessful protest that sought to expel Chen from EXO.
The best memes left by the unsuccessful protest that sought to expel Chen from EXO. Photo: Twitter

Despite the SM communicating its support for Kim Jongdae from the beginning of the controversy, the aforementioned fancafe persisted with activities that, on the digital and physical level, encouraged hatred against the singer and violated his privacy.

They sent boxes with damaged merchandise (Chen’s face was torn or marked), leaked information from the artist’s parents, and also pretended to hire advertising buses with negative messages in the EXO member’s hometown to pressure his departure.


Albums, cards, and accessories were ripped apart and crossed out by ‘fans’ before being sent to the agency. Photo: via Twitter

For these reasons, the fandom of the K-pop group tried to denounce via Twitter and request the suspension of the profile that collected money for that social network to finance its demonstrations.

The success that comes after ten months of reports was celebrated with the hashtag #EXOLACECAFE_OUT, appropriating the phrase used by the antifans. Although the community likely still has a presence on the Korean forum Daum, its restriction from Twitter is considered a victory for the EXO-L who had long insisted to protect the artist’s mental health.


Chen is currently serving his mandatory military service . The “Beautiful goodbye” performer enlisted on October 26, just days after releasing the song “Hello” which was his long-awaited return to music after staying on hiatus since January 2020.



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