Just as he did after his recent arrest, Trey Songz is leading his latest sports scandal, joking about his alleged leaking sextape in his first post since his name first became popular last night. The world-renowned singer has been on the list of trending topics for the past few hours, while women drool while watching his alleged nude video appearing online.

The video allegedly shows Trey Songz receiving oral sex. If you remember, Trey’s first post after getting out of prison last week after his arrest at the Kansas City Chiefs game said, “The Chiefs game was lit right !?” His reaction reminded his fans of his folly and his ability to take everything lightly. He’s doing it again with his response to the alleged leaked nudes.

Posting an emoji with his eyes wide open, Trey Songz shared two photos of himself on Instagram, looking at the phone and apparently figuring out why he was in fashion. However, he does not appear to be angry at the alleged leak. Just like he always does, he’s taking it in stride and going on with the rest of the day as if nothing has happened.

See below.

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