Tommy “Tiny” Lister Died: How Did Actor die?

Thomas ‘Tiny’ Lister Jr has starred in various leading roles in such films as the comedy ‘Friday’, ‘The Fifth Element’ and ‘Star Trek’.

This Thursday, Thomas ‘Tiny’ Lister Jr., a well-known American actor who participated in films such as ‘Friday’ (1995), ‘The Fifth Element’ and Star Trek, passed away at the age of 62 , media reported.

According to TMZ , Tom Lister was found dead in his home located in Marina del Rey, California, United States . Authorities received an emergency call, mobilized to his home and found the actor dead, Thursday after experiencing Covid-19 symptoms, his manager told Wepublishnews.

The actor started feeling sick a week ago, but his symptoms “got bad, really quick,” manager Cindy Cowan said.

He couldn’t breathe and felt very weak, she said.

“It went so fast,” Cowan added.

Tommy 'Tiny' Lister Dead

Tom Lister landed roles as the stereotypical ‘thug’ or gangster in the early 1980s but rose to fame in the 1995 comedy ‘Friday’ and its sequel ‘Next Friday’ directed by F. Gary Gray and starring the rapper Ice Cube and Chris Tucker.

Tommy 'Tiny' Lister Dead

He was also recognized for his role as President Lindberg in the film ‘The Fifth Element’, led by actor Bruce Willis and Mila Jovovich. In “Star Trek: Enterprise” Broken Bow (2001), Tommy ‘Tiny’ Lister played Klaang.

Tommy 'Tiny' Lister Dead

Thomas Lister Jr was born in the neighborhood of Compton, California, on June 24, 1958. Doctors indicated that he was born blind in his right eye due to a detached and deformed retina.

His childhood was spent away from the local gangs of Compton, developing a taste for movies and religion. He studied at California State University in Los Angeles, where he was an outstanding athlete, however, he decided to pursue acting after finishing his studies.

His role as Deebo, a neighborhood bully in the Ice Cube antagonist movie “Friday,” catapulted him to fame.

Tommy 'Tiny' Lister Dead

In addition, he was a professional wrestler from 1989 to 1990. During his time in the pankration, he was known by the name of Zeus in the WWF and WWC, where he had a rivalry against Hulk Hogan.


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