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This is one of the questions that people ask the most about Tommy Kirk, and although they always end up answering it on other pages with an “I don’t know, you know” or “it depends” if there are some estimates that various web portals mention.

Tommy Kirk’s net worth: Thomas Lee Kirk was an American actor who had a net worth of $700k USD  at the time of his death. However, it is not possible to make an exact calculation about the fortune of this great actor and businessperson. We have estimated Tommy Kirk’s net worth, salary, money, income, and assets.

 NameTommy Kirk
OccupationChild actor, Businessperson
Age79 years
Place of birthLouisville, KY
Zodiac SignSagittarius
DiedSeptember 28, 2021
Net Worth$700k USD

Tommy Kirk Died

He was found dead at his home in Las Vegas, USA. Cause of death not disclosed

Hollywood veteran best known for his role in My Best Mate (1957), Tommy Kirk died this Tuesday (9/28), aged 79. He was found dead at his home in Las Vegas, USA.

The news was released by Paul Peterson, on his Facebook page. According to him, Kirk lived far from his blood family and was helped by A Minor Consideration, a non-profit organization that helps child actors in their transition to adulthood.

“We (…) are Tommy’s family. No excuses. We will take care of [the wake and burial],” he wrote.

“My friend of many decades, Tommy Kirk was found dead last night. You will no doubt remember your various Disney movies like My Best Companion and Fuzzy, The Wizard Dog, etc. Tommy was a reserved guy. He lived in Las Vegas, close to his friend and My Best Mate co-star Bev Washburn, who called us this morning. Tommy was gay and distant from his blood family. We at A Minor Consideration are your family. No excuses. We will take care of it. Please know that Tommy Kirk loved you, his fans. You raised him when the industry let him down in 1965. He held no grievances. His church comforted him. May God have mercy on your soul”, he added.

After a long partnership with Disney , which involved productions such as Mickey’s Club and The Fabulous Troublemaker, Kirk was terminated from his contract after his mother revealed to the studio that the actor was gay.

His last work was on The Education of a Vampire, in 2001.


Tommy Kirk (December 10, 1941) is an American actor, best known for his roles as a child and young actor with Disney in the 1950s and 1960s, in films such as Yellow Fang (1957), Jeremiah, dog and spy (1959 ), Robinson in Corsair island (1960), a professor in the clouds (1961) and The Misadventures of Merlin Jones (1964).

Born in Kentucky in 1941 but raised in California, Kirk began his acting career almost by accident by accompanying his older brother to an audition for a production of Eugene O”Neill’s Ah, Wilderness! in Pasadena, California. The lead role went to Bobby Driscoll, but Kirk was hired because there was a need for a boy his age for a small role in the show. This was enough to attract the attention of an agency that signed him for an episode of the television series Reader’s Digest in 1955.

Kirk had immediate success as a child actor, and commitments quickly multiplied. As early as 1956, he was deemed eligible to appear as a co-star alongside Tim Considine in the Disney television series The Hardy Boys: The Mystery Of The Applegate Treasure during the popular children’s show The Mickey Mouse Club. The consecration before the international public came with the film Yellow Fang (Old Yeller, 1957), in which Kirk starred alongside Kevin Corcoran as his younger brother. Numerous television engagements followed. Now a young actor, in 1959 Kirk appeared in another hit Disney film, Jeremiah, dog and Spy (The Shaggy Dog) which brought together with Fred MacMurray the entire leading group of young Disney actors of the time: Annette Funicello, Tim Considine and Kevin Corcoran. The association with Fred MacMurray was soon repeated with another hit, a professor in the clouds (1961) and its sequel professor at tuttogas (1963).

Kirk had another success with the Misadventures of Merlin Jones (1964). His career, however, it suffered a gradual decline during the 1960s. His homosexuality was at the time a scandal that Disney was now struggling to hide. But above all, it was the recurring drug problems (which also led to his arrest in December 1964) that irreparably ruined the reputation of the actor, who found himself increasingly on the fringes of the film industry, relegated to the circuit of film films. low quality. In the 1970s Kirk left his acting career behind, openly declared his homosexuality, and worked to put his life in order, successfully overcoming his drug problems and engaging in a work activity by starting a cleaning company. Since then he has only occasionally returned to acting.

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