Tomiii 11 Dies At Age 12, Who Was The Little Chilean YouTuber

The little boy who stole the hearts of his millions of YouTube followers died today after completing his biggest dream

The most charismatic child on the internet managed to complete one of his biggest dreams before passing away, Tomás Blanch Toledo better known as  Tomiii 11 wanted to become one of the best-known YouTubers around the world, and after a great effort on the part of the little boy, his voice reached millions of people in multiple Spanish-speaking countries.

After losing the fight against brain cancer,  Tomiii 11 fought until the last moment with a smile on his face and always sharing the positive side of life.

With more than 8 million followers on his channel, the little one broke several records being the recipient of recognitions and awards as a content creator, the Chilean YouTuber always showed a smile on camera and now his followers are quite shocked by the news.

Supported by his family Tomiii 11 was quite active in social networks showing that there was no obstacle that stood between him and his dream, the admiration from his followers was noted in each of its contents and the great discipline with his channel propelled him to fame in a few months. Showing a part of his life on the internet, Tomiii 11 captivated the masses by becoming a legend of online video games, his excellent way of projecting before the camera made it almost impossible not to love his videos on YouTube, unfortunately, today that spark went out.

His goal was to reach 100,000 followers and get the silver plate that YouTube sends to creators who exceed that number of subscribers. But, in just over four months, Tomás not only reached that figure, but he multiplied it by a lot, accumulating more than 5 million visits to his videos. This caused the young man to exceed his expectations and to get the gold plate. On the day of his death, Tomás has managed to reach the figure of 8 million followers.

But also, Tomás has been a real discovery and a revelation in his native country. Among his achievements are also the Copihue de Oro award for the Best YouTube of the Year and the Giga Awards for the Best YouTube Account.

How did Tomiii 11’s career start?

Starting his channel just five months ago, the little boy was quite confident with its content, having a clear goal, to become one of the most important Chilean youtubers today, despite his delicate health Tomiii 11 was not worried in no time, and with a smile always seen in the picture, the little one triumphed among the big names on the platform.

His last video was uploaded just a week ago, in it Tomiii 11 enthusiastically announced his nomination for the GIGA Awards as best youtuber, an award he recently won, unfortunately none of his fans would expect the sad outcome.

Now, this video is full of messages of encouragement for the Youtuber’s family, his followers will always remember him as the happiest person on the internet.

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