Tomiii 11 Died: What Was His Cause Of Death?

According to Chilean media, Tomiii 11 died, the little boy with brain cancer who fulfilled his dream of becoming a YouTuber thanks to the help of social networks.

Tomás Blanch, better known on social networks for his YouTube channel called Tomiii 11, died this Monday, August 30 after a long battle with cancer.

Tomiii 11 fulfilled his dream and became the YouTuber of the year. Tommiii 11 went viral in 2021 after publicly making his dream of being a YouTuber known with his video titled “Test Video”, in which he is seen dancing and being quite nice and when he counted 50 things about himself, however, He drew a lot of attention by saying “I hope they don’t make fun of me.”

The users of social networks started a virtual support network to viralize their content and that could gain subscribers on the platform, for which it managed to have 8.48 million followers.

Last Friday, August 27, Tomiii 11 won the Giga Award for Best YouTube Account. Through Instagram, he thanked the recognition. “Thank you to all the Papus for this award,” he wrote.

He also won a few months ago he won the Copihue de Oro award for the Youtuber of the Year in Chile , on prominent personalities of the Andean country’s networks such as “Pollo” Castillo, the British Lewis Shawcross, and the Argentine Jorge Pinarello, from the channel I summarize it just like that.

“Welcome to the world of Tomiii! I wanted to thank my friends from La Cuarta for giving me this beautiful award, I also wanted to thank all the people who voted for me to win this award. To all of you (…) I also take this opportunity to invite you to subscribe to my Tomiii 11 channel. I love you, a hug… and have some milk papu! ”He said in the thank you video.

Tomiii 11 leaves the great lesson to everyone that there are no impossibilities and that dreams can come true.

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