Tom Cruise And Hailey Atwell Have Fallen In Love During The Filming Of ‘Mission: Impossible 7’

All experts recommend not mixing work with pleasure. In fact, there are many companies that expressly prohibit their employees from having any kind of love relationship with their colleagues and, should it occur, immediately report it to human resources to avoid future uncomfortable situations.

Of course, the theory is one thing and reality is quite another. Especially since we spend a third of our lives working. The weird thing is that it doesn’t happen more often! Unless, of course, your name is Tom Cruise. There the rules change.

And as happened when he first shot the film Days of Thunder with Nicole Kidman, or with Penelope Cruz in Vanilla Sky, the actor has stumbled on the same stone again during the filming of Mission Impossible 7, the place where it seems to have found his new girl: Hayley Atwell.

If yesterday the news is that Cruise had thrown a tremendous scolding at two members of the team for having relaxed with the anti-Covid regulations that have been imposed on the set, today the news is that the actor and his co-star have started a torrid romance behind the cameras.

This is revealed by a member of the film’s team to The Sun who assures that Cruise, 58, and Atwell, 38, “had a crush from the first day they met” A love at first sight that has intensified even more because of the confinement in which the filming of the new instalment of the saga is taking place. A bubble to avoid contacts that have caused “that both have come very close to become practically inseparable”.

Although representatives of both stars have been asked about it, neither those of Cruise nor those of Atwell, whom we have seen in several Captain America movies , have confirmed the news. Of course, it would not make sense for them to do so now that there are still months until the film is finally released. Why spend now the promotional cartridge of the real romance between the protagonists when you can wait for it to hit the billboard and let the headlines of the tabloids do your work for free?

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