The Puerto Rican salsa singer Tito Rojas passed away, at 65, this Saturday, December 26 in Puerto Rico. Jessica Rojas, one of the singer’s daughters, confirmed the death to the music radio station Salsoul .

It was the artist’s relatives who found him on the ground and without vital signs on the balcony of a residence in the Tejas neighborhood of Humacao, a municipality on the east coast of Puerto Rico. “This morning a call to 911 alerted about a medical case in a residence in the Tejas neighborhood of Humacao, the media reported. So far they have not confirmed the cause of his death but it is reported that his death was due to a heart attack.

Tito Rojas Died
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El Gallo Salsero, as it was also known, offered a virtual presentation on December 24, on Christmas Eve. It was his last presentation in front of his fans. “Thankful to everyone who went the extra mile for the enjoyment of my fans worldwide. Receive a big hug from your friend, El Gallo Salsero ”, wrote Tito in his networks hours before he died.

Don Omar was one of the first artists to react to the unexpected death of Tito Rojas. “Nobody is eternal in the world. Not even having a heart. How much he feels and sighs. For life and love… ..Rest in Paz Comprendido ”, wrote the reggaeton player in his networks.

It is worth mentioning that the first time that Tito Roja’s heart problem was reported was 19 years ago. In December 2001, Tito Rojas had a heart failure. Then in January 2010, he suffered a mild heart attack. Now ten years later, in December 2020, they find the lifeless salsa singer.

Tito Rojas suffered a mild heart attack and bronchitis in 2010

In January 2010, Julio César Rojas, the singer’s first name, suffered a mild heart attack and asthmatic bronchitis after finishing a small tour. Tito had to be hospitalized at the Ryder Hospital in Humacao. “He arrived in Puerto Rico with a bad cold and a bad cough. We think it was a product of the temperature in Spain, which was very low. After two days in Puerto Rico, he then traveled to Colombia to fulfill professional commitments ”, Jessica, Tito’s daughter, told Primera Hora.

Jessica said at that time that, “[Dad] told my mother, in a call from Colombia, that he felt bad at a dance and had got dizzy from being short of breath. But, he arrived on the island on December 30 to say goodbye to the year with us … My dad changed his clothes and got very nice to share with the family. But, all of us who know him realized that he was not feeling well and was hiding it, “he told INS.

On Friday, January 1, the salsero looked completely deteriorated, but “because he was a bit stubborn and cowardly, he didn’t want to go to the doctor.” But he could no longer object once he started having breathing problems. “They treated him immediately in the Emergency Room since they have his record, because on a previous occasion he had given him the heart. Came in with blood pressure at 200/150. They put oxygen on him and did all kinds of heart tests. In the study of the average of the enzymes of the heart, which should be within 50 or 60, he came out at 235 ”, explained Jessica Rojas. And he added, “Thank God for getting to the hospital on time he did not have a stroke, which would have been worse for his health condition.”

Jessica shared that “it all happened because she has always suffered from high blood pressure. He takes seven medications daily. His pace of life and changes in climate affected him. Besides, he let everything get complicated and now we see the result ”.

Tito Rojas suffered respiratory arrest and heart failure in 2001

In December 2001, Tito Rojas suffered respiratory arrest and heart failure. Therefore, the singer was forbidden to drink liquor, nor should he not smoke, to avoid relapses with fatal consequences, according to a report from his record company MP Productions .

The interpreter of “Señora de Madrugada” had to be urgently confined in December, at the Ryder Hospital in Humacao, where he spent three days in the intensive care unit.

Maribel Acevedo, a public relations officer for MP Productions, said that “her heart is that of a 66-year-old. This, due to excess work and stress. From now on, zero alcohol, cigarettes and tours will be much shorter. ” She was very clear at the time that if he did not follow the instructions to the letter, the salsa singer could have a relapse with consequences that could be fatal.

Unfortunately, almost 20 years later Tito Rojas passed away but before he left us a fun digital presentation on the networks.

Watch the last presentation of Tito Rojas

Tito Rojas delighted his followers on December 24 through a digital presentation. “Did you see my Christmas special? You have to go through my YouTube channel to enjoy it! Here I include a photo with some of the members of this successful production. Thankful to everyone who went the extra mile for the enjoyment of my fans worldwide. Receive a big hug from your friend, El Gallo Salsero. If you have any questions about how to find the special, just access my profile and in the description, bio and stories you will find the link. 🙌🏼 Merry Christmas !!! ”, wrote Tito Rojas on his Instagram account , where he has close to 200 thousand followers .

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