Jennifer Lopez has surprised her followers by saying good morning, in a robe and just getting out of bed; She shows her beauty naturally and even with dark circles, giving lessons in self-love

Jennifer Lopez is undoubtedly aware of the latest makeup to hit the market, but also like any normal person, boasts of her beautiful complexion when she just wakes up with her followers.

A few hours ago, she posted a photo from her personal Instagram account where she is seen in the early hours of the morning looking washed up to take a selfie.

This is how Jennifer Lopez looks without makeup

There are many variations that the ‘Bronx’ diva usually shares  in her fitness lessons where her enviable silhouette shows off, now her beautiful face is added, a new category that would surely climb to the top of a supposed ranking.

Despite being a celebrity recognized worldwide, she also gives herself the pleasure of looking without makeup without being aware of what they will say, she greeted directly with a good morning message for her millions of “followers”.

This is how Jennifer Lopez looks without makeup
With her initials on the robe, Jennifer Lopez wore the morning.

With a white garment to walk with great comfort inside her house , Alex RodrIguez’s fiancee wore , you can notice the presence of the night in her hair that is seen with waves as a result of the recent dream.

The trend to go natural is a new move within celebrities, since Alice Keys decided not to do it anymore.

Jennifer Lopez , day by day, dazzles the world of platforms with her figure, is one of the most envied within the entertainment world.

Not only for its great presence with which it knew how to conquer the world’s stages, but for its physical and beauty conditions, fitness is her passion and can be clearly appreciated.

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