The Professor Net Worth [2023] Biography, Age, Height, & More

Who is he and, what is The Professor Net Worth?

The Professor Net Worth: Grayson Boucher popularly known as The Professor is an American streetball player and actor. As of 2023, The Professor has an estimated $3 million net worth, according to Naibuzz.

His source of income includes his YouTube channel, where more than 5.5 million followers have subscribed. So on average, he gets 250,000 views per day. He also earns from ads and sponsor deals such as StockX, Mountain Dew, Seat Geek, Power Handz, and Google Assistant.

He runs a Dribbling program, where he teaches basketball. Besides, he also sells merchandise on globalhooper.com.

All these ventures earn him a handsome fortune of #3 million, which will escalate further in the future. Not bad for a 36-year-old man.

” The Professor” is a perfect example of how hard work and self-belief pay off in terms of fulfilling one’s dreams, achieving fame, and then earning wealth.

He is an American streetball player and also an actor. He is famous for playing the intentional AND1 Mixtape Tour. As an actor, he appeared in several sports-related movies. His most famous movie is Ball Don’t Lie. He has got some killer moves as a basketball player. His net worth is about $3 million, which is expected to increase within the coming years.

Full Name Grayson Scott Boucher
Date Of Birth June 10, 1984
Place Of Birth  Keizer, Oregon, United States
Age 39 years old
Weight 155 lb (70 kg)
Profession Basketball Player
Eye Color Dark Brown
Net Worth $3 million
Star Sign Aries

Early Life

Grayson “The Professor” Scott Boucher was born on June 10, 1984. He spent his childhood at his birthplace Keizer, Oregon, United States of America. Professor went to McNary High School but later got transferred to private Salem Academy for his senior year of high school. There he made all-state honors.
He was not presented with any college offers, so he went to Chemeketa Community College. There he played for the college basketball team.

Personal Life

Currently, he is single. Boucher is a very private person. He doesn’t believe in mixing his personal and professional life. That’s why he may have a wife or a girlfriend, but he never discusses it openly.

Body measurements and Looks

He is 36 years old, 5ft 10in, and weighs 155 pounds or70kg. The color of his eye is dark brown, and he has blonde hair. He is very conscious about his fitness.

The Professor Net Worth
The Professor / Photo

Professional Career

AND! Mixtape Tour

When AND1 Mixtape Tour stopped at Portland, Oregon, in 2003, Boucher and his brother went to the tour as fans. Boucher learned that the tour is offering an “open run” tryout to join. He tested his luck and fortunately earned a spot on the team.
By mid-2009, Boucher was representing the tour’s marketing. He regularly appeared on the Your website’s main page. The tour cast him in several ads.
He left the AND1 Mixtape Tour in June 2011.

Ball Up Tour

In January 2011, Boucher joined Ball Tour. He played streetball for the tour. In late 2008, when he was still in AND1 Mixtape Tour, he got acquainted with the CEO of Ball Up Tour, Demetrius Spencer. Ball Up Tour selected most of the AND1 Mixtape Tour’s players. The main aim was to focus more “on the court” action rather than on “behind the scenes” footages, a regular feature of the AND1 Mixtape Tour.

The Ball Up Tour has stopped in some ten countries since.


Boucher has appeared in many films portraying a basket ballplayer. The most famous ones are Semi-Pro, and Ball Don’t Lie. He also created a YouTube web series. It had several episodes in which he took on different roles in each episode, such as Spiderman and Carnage. He cast much famous basketball, streetball, and NBA players in different episodes of this web series.
He runs an online tutorial about ball-handling called Super Human Dribbling. In these tutorials, Boucher guides the interested players by sharing how he drills and works out. These tutorials can be downloaded online.

The Professor Net Worth
The Professor / Photo


Boucher has over 5.5 million subscribers on YouTube, with 950 million lifetime views as of 2021. On his YouTube channel, Professor Live, he posts various mixtapes, such as playing with local basketball leagues, videos on fun, and comical videos. He shares tutorials and many entertaining basketball videos too.

Career Threatening Injury

In April 2019, Boucher suffered from a non-contact total tear of the Achilles tendon, proving a career-threatening woe for the sportspersons. During the early stages of recovery, Boucher took over-dosage of pain killers but recovered. He made a full recovery in June 2020.

During his rehab, he shared his old and undated mixtapes with his followers. He did not want the public to know about his injury until he fully recovers. In August 2020, after his full recovery, he made the news of his injury and, subsequently, his fitness public.


  • Boucher wears jersey # 12.
  • He trains and plays every day, even when on tour. It shows his dedication to sports.
  • On October 7, 2020, Boucher tested Covid-19 positive. He has fully recovered since.
  • He tours around the globe to spread the words of the gospel and teachings of Christ through basketball.
  • When he was three years old, his dad bought him a Larry Bird Hoops. Since then, he is in love with basketball.
  • When he was in the 5th grade, he had a dribbling trainer. According to Boucher, his skills were ahead of time.
  • At a young age, Boucher joined AND1 Mixtape Tour.
  • Boucher said that his credentials, such as being white, short heightened with no college offers, were not enough about not being able to play for the NBA. He tried hard to join the conventional league but then about in 2007, and he realized that the opportunities and politics just weren’t on his side.

Final Verdict

Boucher’s success is an American dream come true. He is an inspirational character and a role model for the younger generation.
He stayed positive, worked hard, and never lost hope, and trusted in himself all along. Rejected by NBA didn’t thither his love for basketball. Rather, he sorted out new ways to become a critical part of the game. Though he is not in NBA, he still teaches the NBA players. Today, NBA needs him more than he needs it.
It is just the beginning for Boucher. The future is ever brighter for him.

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