The Haunting Of Bly Manor, the most anticipated horror series of 2020

The day has come. We launch a column and enter the abyss of terror on streaming television, with THE HAUNTING OF BLY MANOR which is now complete on Netflix.

Thanks to film and TV director / producer Mike Flanagan (‘“Doctor Sleep”, “Gerald’s Game”, “Hush”, etc.) we returned to the haunted houses to inspect the horror of absence and of course the sadness of love, with the most anticipated horror series of 2020.

It is the continuation of “The Curse of Hill House”, but only in spirit, you already know, in the style of “American Horror Story”, that is, with new characters and a different story.

The series is adapted in the eighties and was based on the book “Another Turn of the Screw” published in 1898 by Henry James (which I didn’t really read), whose plot follows a teacher who takes care of two orphaned children who have an uncle who sends them to live in a country house.

Bly Manor, looks formidable, it is seen that there is money in the production design, aesthetics and in general the setting has been worked in the style of “Hill House”, each chapter looks like a mini movie itself. All this is applauded, because the quality is noticeable.

However, at the time of recycling the cast of “Hill House” (that’s right, the references to that show cannot stop) several anomalies occur, especially at the beginning of the series and I attribute this to the fact that we as an audience weren’t able to adapt quickly to changing roles.

It should be noted that confusion with the cast only happens if you watch the other show first, that is to say, in a way, that’s the true “Hill House Curse” (insert canned laughter here), a detriment that is effective only for the people who take binge watching very seriously.

Victoria Pedretti, is our protagonist (aka “Dani Clayton”, surname with which she honors the director of “Innocents” from 1961, a film adaptation of the same work that inspired this show) who realizes very quickly that there are things very sinister haunting the halls at night, she is wonderful in the show.

We also see Henry Tomas (ET’s “former kid”) again, already as director Mike Flanagan’s fetish actor (they have worked very well together in other productions and even so the actor / director is still undervalued by Hollywood). 

Even without spoilers (insert a wink here) there is much to say about Bly Manor, but I confirm that it does not surpass the specters of “Hill House” and I am aware that many people could be disappointed with the show, if we do not warn them first. that this is not a horror show in the same way that the first one was.

Bly Manor, is a ROMANCE: mixed feelings, with people who love someone and other people in charge of pushing and telling them that they shouldn’t love that someone. Or maybe they are just afraid (insert another wink here) of saying the things that should be said.

It takes a while for the show to lean in that direction it’s actually going, but trust me, once it does it will be impossible to hide its true nature, as this is a gothic romance.

Bottom line: Does it deliver on the promise of its premise? Yes, but without so many scares.
I recommend it? Of course, it has the quality filter of film director Mike Flanagan

Do I have to see something else first? Preferably: No!

* Other adaptations: “Suspense” (1955) also considered one of the great classics of horror movies.

If you have already decided to watch “THE HAUNTING OF BLY MANOR”, do it at night and with the lights off (final wink)

But if what you are looking for is black humor, rating C, I recommend entering the Amazon Prime Video streaming to see the series ” The Boys ”(my personal favorite of 2020), I only add it here at the end because precisely today the second season of that show ends. Thank you readers, have a wonderful weekend!

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