Taynnara Melo was 27 years old and was in the company of her boyfriend, in Amorinópolis (GO). Truck overturned and she died at the crash site

Model Taynnara Melo died last Saturday (8), after suffering a car accident on a rural road in Amorinópolis, in the interior of Goiás . The young woman was accompanied by her husband, Rudson Figueiredo, when the vehicle they were in would have left the runway and overturned. Taynnara died on the spot, while Rudson was rescued and rushed to the hospital. 

The information was provided by the MaisGoiás portal and confirmed by the Municipality of Amorinópolis, the city where the mother of the model, Joecy Melo (MDB), is a councilor . 

“It is with great regret that we received the news of the death of Taynnara Melo (daughter of councilwoman Joecy Melo). Taynnara was an international model and will be remembered for her charisma, simplicity and beauty. We offer condolences to family and friends in this moment of such sadness, wishing that they find comfort in this moment of pain ”, informed the city. 


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