One of the most important guitarists of glam rock and the New York scene of the early seventies has passed away. We are talking about Sylvain Mizrahi , better known as Sylvain Sylvain and for being the guitarist of the iconic New York Dolls . As confirmed on his Facebook page, the Egyptian musician has died at the age of 69 due to cancer that was diagnosed a few years ago.

Sylvain was born in Cairo in 1951, but at age 10 he was already living in New York. After his time in groups like Actress, where he also coincided with Arthur Kane and Johnny Thunders , the guitarist became part of the Dolls shortly before recording and releasing his essential first album. After a second album, Too Much Too Soon (very accurate name), the group disbanded, after which he began a solo career and set up the group The Criminals .

We quickly review his fabulous career in five must-have songs.

New York Dolls – ‘Personality Crisis’ (1972)

New York Dolls – ‘Who Are the Mistery Girls?’ (1974)

Sylvain Sylvain – ‘Teenage News’ (1979)

Sylvain Sylvain & The Teardrops – ‘I Can’t Forget Tomorrow’ (1981)

New York Dolls – ‘Seven Day Weekend’ (“1992”)

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