Swagg2100, a Chicago Rapper, Passed Away Due to Overdosing on Drugs

A 23-year-old Chicago rapper, Swagg2100, unexpectedly passed away on August 29, 2023, leaving his fans sad and devastated.

Although his cause of death has not been verified as of this post, it was reported that he may have overdosed on drugs.

“In a post titled Rest In Peace to #Chicago rapper #Swagg2100 who passed away today from an overdose 🕊️ He was 23 years old. Condolences to his family.”

Swagg2100’s entry into the music business was initially driven by a desire to engage in creative expression. The experiences and upbringing of this Chicago native have had a significant impact on his art.

His raps usually portray his difficulties while pursuing fame and money. His candour has been well-received by the audience since they can relate to his experiences.

One of the things that jumps out the most about him is his undeniable charisma. Due to the smooth blending of elements from hip-hop, rap, and even experimental music, Swagg2100’s work defies classification.

His drive to investigate and change shows that he has this quality, which contemporary audiences value in artists.

Since he can easily switch between styles, his musical variety is reflected in the diversity of his music. In addition to his distinctive rhythmic flow and catchy beats, his music contains uplifting themes.

His music typically conveys ideas of determination, self-assurance, and authenticity.

In an era where it’s common for artists to contact directly with their followers, Swagg2100 stands out for his sincere relationship with his fans. He gains a devoted following thanks to interactions like this, highlighting his friendly and likeable demeanour.


“Today is such a sad day….we were planning to celebrate my nephew’s baby shower Sunday, but now we have to plan a funeral….today, my nephew CJ passed away…I’m praying for my sister (his mama) and his dad. This isn’t going to be easy, but we as a family stick together and are there for one another. My nephew was the hottest upcoming Chicago rapper from the Westside, “Swagg2100.”….the boy had real talent. Rest Peacefully, Nephew….ove U Always.”

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