Snoop Dogg continues to create Latin music. Who did he hang out with now?

Snoop Dogg, one of the most notable faces of the West Coast hip-hop scene in the United States, continues his foray into Latin music, first with La Banda MS and the hit song “La Malición,” and now with the highly anticipated launch of the innovative collaboration “Feeling Good” alongside Natanael Cano, known as the greatest exponent of “Corrido Tumbados”, Ovi, Snow Tha Product, and CNG. The single will be released on Friday, December 4 under the Rancho Humilde label.

The phenomenal collaboration is a great example of the magic that results when one generation leads the next. In this issue Snoop Dogg serves as a mentor for this new wave of artists in one of the most recognized markets and genres in the world.

“Feeling Good” shows an inspiring encounter of cultures that are undoubtedly interconnected. This song will become an anthem and unite fans around the world.

A very original way to publicize this collaboration

Everything happened through social networks, which left Cano’s millions of followers waiting on what project the controversial musician would be carrying out with the legendary rapper, and what other figures would be added to the project.


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Who is Natanael Cano?

Natanael Cano is a Mexican singer and composer who was born in Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico, on May 1, 2001. Currently the young singer is at the forefront of the movement of the 21st century lying corridos, also known as “trap corridos”. in which artists add rhythms of hip-hop, trap, rap, and other urban rhythms to traditional Mexican music.

Natanael Cano rose to fame after being part of the Rancho Humilde record family, as well as the release of his album  “Todo es diferent” . His successful 2019 collaboration with  Bad Bunny  on the remix single  “Soy el Diablo”  helped him become known on a more international level. Cano had been working on his musical style since his teens, evidence of this is in his YouTube songs; like  “El F1”  and  “El Drip” . His song  “El de la codeine”  topped the Latin Apple Music chart.


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A meteoric trajectory

Natanael Cano gains recognition in the music scene with his song  “El de los lentes Gucci”, which has the support of The Glock Editions. He then premiered a series of singles, such as:  “F1”, “Y qué”  and  “El de la Codeína” , the latter with the collaboration of Herencia De Patrones and Los Hijos De Garcia.

“El de la Codeína”  was composed during his vacation in Puerto Peñasco, where he happened to write a run of a “thug” who takes codeine. After the debut with his series of hits, Natanael gets nominated for the 2019 Radio Awards, broadcast by Estrella TV, in the nomination “Revelation Artists of the Year”.

Later, with wide recognition, Natanael released the single  “El drip”, which turned out to be a hit on YouTube. He also released his single  “Soy el diablo”, which has a remix version with Bad Bunny.

At the same time, he collaborates on the single  “Although they weigh them”  with the vocalist of  Fuerza Regida, Jesús Ortiz Paz. “Although they weigh them”  is a song that ventured into the trap and corridos genres. Then he premiered his album  “Pisteando con la Regida”, which debuted on different Mexican radio stations, also on the Internet.

However, Natanael premieres his album  “Mi nuevo yo”  which debuted at number one in Mexico, and also reached the same position on iTunes.

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