Sayaka Kanda Died: What Was Her Cause Of Death?

The young woman fell from a fourteenth floor this Saturday in Sapporo

Different media have announced the death of Sayaka Kanda, a Japanese singer and voice actress. The website dedicated to the artist also gave an official statement of her death, signed by Mushisa Kamachi, executive director of Robe Co.

According to the details, the 35-year-old artist was found unconscious on Saturday noon, after falling from a fourteenth floor from a hotel room in Sapporo where she was staying. Sayaka was quickly sent to hospital, but her injuries were critical, and she was pronounced dead at 9:40 PM JST.

Now that the falling building incident has shocked many fans and netizens at home and abroad, the Hokkaido police are currently investigating the cause of death, and the possibility of suicide cannot be ruled out.

Hokkaido prefectural police are investigating the matter, where initial statements indicate that it was not an accident and that there is a possibility of suicide.

The daughter of actor Masaki Kanda and singer Seiko Matsuda, she made her professional debut acting in a commercial in 2021. Hence, she released her song ” Ever Since ” in 2002 and made her stage debut in the production ” Intro the Woods ” in 2003.

Her most notable voice acting roles include Mana Nagase in Idol Pride, Teresa in Star Blazers 2202, and Yuna in the Sword Art Online franchise, appearing in the movie Ordinale Scale and the Alicization – War of Underworld: Part 2 arc. . Other characters were Anna from Frozen for her film in 2015 and Kingdom Hearts 3, Shioji in Air Bound and Miharu Mashik i in Konbini Kareshi.

In addition, she also sang songs as a vocalist in the duo TRUSTRICK, having songs in Danganronpa 3: The End of Hope’s Peak High School: Arco Futuro, Ore Monogatari !! , Shōnen Maid and Juoumujin no Fafnir . Under her name, she also has songs on Star Blazers 2202 and Sword Art Online .

In 2017, she married actor Mitsu Murata, known for her role as Douji in Kamen Rider Hibiki, Bishop in Kamen Rider Kiva, and Mondo Owada in the stage version of Danganropa: The Stage 2016. However, the couple divorced in 2019.

Finally, the artist was playing a leading role in the theatrical musical ” My Fair Lady ” (known in Latin America as My beautiful lady ), which had a performance today in Sapporo. Among his future plans, she was to play Maetel in the Galaxy Express musical 999, scheduled for April next year

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