Sasha Calle To Play Supergirl In The Flash Movie

Bomb and unexpected news publish the Deadline medium by revealing exclusively that the character of Supergirl is going to make her debut in the current universe of the DC big screen thanks to the Flash movie, whose filming will begin in a matter of a few months, specifically in April.

Through a casting process that has encompassed more than 425 actresses, the studio has chosen Sasha Calle, with little yet behind her back but where “The Young and the Restless” stands out, to play the Kryptonian in the Scarlet Sprinter film.

The casting was for a completely anonymous character at first, and it was already revealed to the actresses which character it was for at a later time. Apparently, Calle has come to do a test with the leading actor Ezra Miller to see the chemistry between them.

I watched more than four hundred auditions. United States, Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Colombia. The range of talents was truly amazing and it was very difficult to make a decision, but we finally found an actress who was destined to play this role, ”says director Andy Muschietti.

All auditions, meetings, and auditions between actors, especially during these pandemic months, were done through Zoom. In fact, director Andy Muschietti has shared the video call in which he informed the actress that she was the one chosen to play the character. As a curious note, he pulls out the Superman suit from “Man of Steel

The superheroine will thus be incorporated into the current universe of the big screen of DC after we heard many rumors about the plans that there were for her, but it was said that this would collide with possible future plans for Superman. We do not know if the fact that we are going to have Supergirl in the movies is going to translate into the absence of Superman beyond “Zack Snyder’s Justice League” as the rumors we heard in the past painted it.

Recall that in this film we also have Michael Keaton confirmed as Batman and Ben Affleck as Batman, as it is to be expected that he will fully develop the concept of the multiverse on the big screen by taking inspiration from the act of the Flashpoint comics.


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