Dominican media confirmed the death of Sandy Carriello this Monday afternoon. According to the newspaper El Nacional in the Dominican Republic, the 48-year-old singer was living in New York when he suffered a fatal heart attack.

According to the media, with the death of Carriello, the group that led record sales in the 90s came to an end, as its other member, Luis Deschamps known as ‘Papo’ died in 1999 in a car accident.

telesurtv shared the news in an Instagram post.

  • Dominican singer Sandy Carriello of the musical duo Sandy & Papo, died this Wednesday of a heart attack at the age of 48.
  • According to information released by friends of the artists, the singer was found dead from a sudden heart attack at his residence in New York, #EEUU
    Sandy was recognized in the 90’s for the musical duet along with the also deceased Papo, with whom he managed to revolutionize the genre of merengue house and hip-hop.
  • One of his greatest hits was Huelepega, Bueno pa ’enjoy, It’s time to dance and Move moves.
  • The musical duet was dissolved after Papo’s death in a car accident in the Dominican Republic. He wrote.

“One of their great successes with which he will be remembered forever, was the famous song ‘Move moves,’ which led them to star in a television commercial for Telecom, where he appeared rapping,” said the media.

The music of this musical duo had a great reception at Latino parties for the perfect mix of Hip-hop, Rap, and House with merengue, so much so that ‘Sandy & Papo’ led successful concert tours in Colombia, Venezuela, Mexico, the United States, and several Central American countries.

From an early age, Sandy imitated the most popular youth groups of the moment. In 1985, the music of the well-known groups Run-DMC, The Fat Boys, and Public Enemy would turn him into a fan of rap.

These first influences, as well as the combination of the different types of interpretation of the aforementioned groups, served to define the very different style with which Sandy MC presents her rhymes and interpretations.

He was in Santo Domingo, where he formed a rap group, which performed in small concerts, clubs, and television, competing with similar groups to choose those who would dance and rhyme better. In one of these opportunities, he met Papo, with whom he established a close friendship, even despite being members of different groups.

According to the specialized magazine Shock, the group came stomping in the 90s when they released their first album in 1995 and, four years later, they dissolved with the death of “Papo” at the end of the decade. However, Sandy continued to make music in his honor, and in 2005 he released as a solo artist with the album ‘El Duro soy yo’. Later, in 2010, he released his single Insuperable. His last premiere was in 2017 when he premiered La Historia de un duo, a work with which he wanted to remember his group.

Here we leave some of their songs most remembered by the youth of the 90s, who enjoyed the songs of the emblematic group from the so-called ‘merenguehouse’ era at parties, concerts, and discos.

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