Rosie Rivera Net Worth (2022), Age, Height, Facts, And More

Rosie Rivera Net Worth in 2022

Rosie is the youngest of the family of singers known as  La Dinastia Rivera. As some of her brothers rose to fame, Rosi fled the cameras. However, being the little sister of megastar Jenni Rivera, her efforts to stay out of the public eye were in vain. Rivera eventually appeared on the reality show  I Love Jenni and courageously became a spokesperson for victims of sexual abuse. As of 2022, Rosie Rivera Net Worth is $15 million. Rivera is the current chief executive officer of Jenni Rivera Enterprises. Rosie Rivera Net Worth: Long Beach, California, U.S. Rosa Amelia Rivera (born July 3, 1981) is an American television personality and businesswoman.

Full Name:Rosa Amelia Rivera
39 years
Height:5 Feet 3 Inch
Net Worth:$15 million.
Birth Date:July 03, 1981
Birth Place:California, USA

Rosie Rivera net worth and biography

Her life took a drastic turn in 2012, as her renowned sister Jenni Rivera died in an airplane accident, leaving Rosie as executor of her estate and guardian of the young children of the Diva de la Banda. Rosie had no choice but to wipe her tears, roll up her sleeves, and take care of what her loving sister had entrusted to her. She immediately rose to fame and began to transform her struggles, pain, and emotions into action, work, and love.

Rosie has participated as the co-star of the morning program Despierta America transmitted by Univision, in addition, her schedule continues to be sold out with requests for interviews by various media in both the Hispanic and Anglo-Saxon markets. It is worth mentioning that Rosie has also participated in reality programs, has been groomed to participate in soap operas and other television programs in the future, and recently participated in the controversial video of her brother  Juan Rivera,  Product of Society, in which she starred as the leader of a drug mafia.

Rosie is married to worship leader Abel Flores, with whom she has her seven-year-old daughter, Samantha Chay Flores, and little Elias.

Rosie is currently active in the ministry of both, runs her own Blog, and has social networks that reach more than 1.5 million followers in combination. In addition, Rosie continues her sister’s legacy by helping single mothers in need of housing, offering shelter and treatment centers to overcome abuse through the Jenni Rivera Love Foundation. In 2015, Rosie founded the Sister Samalia movement with the goal of restoring and uplifting women who have been victims of sexual abuse, sex trafficking, drugs, and domestic violence.

Things You Didn’t Know About Rosie Rivera

Rosie Rivera has had a life that not everyone knows about and that is truly amazing. Jenni Rivera’s sister was not only born into a family in which she has had to live under the spotlight but she herself is an example of the improvement in every way. Did you know that she had one of her daughters in her car on the way to her hospital?

Rosie was always very close to her sister Jenni, and she has been the one who has taken charge of managing the businesses left by the Diva de la Banda. Despite all the fame that has surrounded her, Rosie has always kept her feet on the ground.

The most important thing for her is her family, and although she has multiple responsibilities, always being there for them has been her priority. I invite you to review several things that you most likely did not know about this admirable woman.

Rosie Rivera Net Worth

It was Jenni Rivera’s doll.

Jenni Rivera loved her little sister very much and she even tweeted her emotion when Rosie got married in 2011. She also said on another occasion: “She is the only doll that my brothers could not burn.”

She gave birth to her daughter Samantha in a car.

In July 2013, Rosie gave birth to her first daughter, Samantha. But her arrival in the world was unconventional. The Californian gave birth in a car. “Thank you, God for giving me a healthy, beautiful, and strong girl. Rosie was not born in water, she was not born in a hospital. She was in another very special place,” she tweeted at the time of her.

She has had several plastic surgeries.

Rosie first operated on her arms, and later she also confessed that she had undergone surgery on her butt

She claims that he has communicated with Jenni from beyond.

Rosie says Jenni has communicated with her family on different occasions, in different ways, after her tragic death.

Rosie Rivera

She overcame sexual abuse and wrote a book of her memoirs.

Jacqie supported the release of Rosie’s memoir in 2016, titled My Broken Pieces, in which she wrote how she had been the victim of sexual abuse by her sister’s ex-husband, Trino Marin. “It was all very traumatic for my whole family,” she told Univision.

She is not afraid of the most extravagant beauty treatments.

When it comes to beauty, Rosie is not afraid to experience what is within her reach. Of course, she always shares the results with her followers.

Rosie Rivera Net Worth

Her husband is younger than her.

Abel Flores is 11 years younger than her, but it doesn’t show! Rosie remains so beautiful that the age difference is not even noticeable.

She had differences with her niece Chiquis.

Regardless of the reason, the two reconciled after being estranged.

She has a beautiful family and is the mother of three children.

Rosa Amelia Rivera is married to Abel Flores. She met him while having a 5-year-old girl, Kassey, from a previous relationship. Now they both share two more children, Samantha and Elias.

She almost separated from her husband after Jenni’s death.

Rosie and Ariel were married in 2011, but a year later the tragic death of her sister Jenni happened in a plane crash. She decided to tell Univision about the difficult times that she went through in her marriage then. “I didn’t want her to see me break down. I wanted her to leave. Thank God she never left or took me seriously,” she said.

Rosie Rivera Net Worth

As of 2022, Rosie Rivera Net Worth is $15 million. Looking at her rapid growth rate we can expect it to go higher.

Follow the call of faith.

Rosie is a very religious person and she frequently shows it on her social media.

Rosie Rivera child

Your child’s name has great meaning.

Rosie explained what the beautiful name she chose for her child, Elías Melek Flores, means. Elijah means my God is strong, and Melek is king. Elijah Melek means “My God is a strong king.”

Her husband is a Christian music performer.

Talent is part of the Rivera family and the Mexican star has looked for someone with an artistic vein to share her life with. Abel has a career as a Christian music singer and owns a clothing line called “Abel’s Worship.”

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