Riky Rick Died: What Was His Cause Of Death?

The hip-hop legend, Riky Rick died on February 23, 2002. Did Riky Rick committed suicide, or was it his natural death? What is Riky Rick’s cause of death?

Daniel Kenosy confirmed the ongoing rumors of Riky Rick’s death. Daniel Kenosy took to his Facebook page to confirm the death of the South African star Riky Rick. 

The departed soul, Riky Rick posted horrible messages on his social media account which made people doubt that his death was a suicide. 

What was Riky Rick Cause Of Death?

We have very little information about his cause of death. No close friends, neither his family spoke to us about his cause of death, no statement has been recorded in the media. But, many fellow celebrities like Malema and Robert Marawa came forward and hinted us through their social media events.  

Ricardo Ruiz Pérez was born on June 3, 1983, professionally known as Ricky Rick. He is a Mexican singer, songwriter, and rapper. Moreover, he is also the former lead singer of the band A.B. Quintanilla (the older brother of the singer Selena) and Los Kumbia All Starz. 

His hit list include, Mami, Rica y Apretadita and Por Ti Baby. Moreover, he had a successful career with Kumbia All Starz. 

After his audition it was AB who took him to Texas, this is where he started his career and led the band with famous hits.

Ricardo Ruiz was brought up in his hometown of Monterey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico. His passion of music was god gifted, he developed his love for music in his early childhood. Somehow, he followed positive biculturalism. He listened to salsa, soca and EI General, Nando Boom, and other famous singers at that time. 

This is how he discovered his abilities and turned his dreams into reality. He experimented with different sounds. You won’t believe at the age of 3 he began to discover music, at the age of 11 he picked up the guitar and at the age of 15 he returned to his hometown, Monterey. Moreover, in his early 15 and 16 he began recording songs with local bands. Moreover, At the age of 17 he learnt how to play drums. However, along with his singing career he pursued a bachelor degree in business from the University of Monterey. 

Riky Rick has died of suicide. The singer died at the age of 35. Moreover, he was reportedly found hanging from a rope.

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