Ridley Scott Presents “Raised by Wolves”, His New Futuristic Nightmare

From  Alien  (1979) to  Blade Runner  (1982), Ridley Scott has been noted throughout his long career for his futuristic nightmares, an aspect that also shines through in the sci-fi series  Raised by Wolves, in which he debuts as a director in today’s golden age of television. 

Scott presented that HBO Max series in a   virtual premiere, the emergency exit that Hollywood devised to continue its well-known and luxurious premieres despite the coronavirus pandemic. “It was a great experience shooting this series in South Africa,” said the director in his brief introduction to the screening of the first episode of  Raised by Wolves

“I think we captured something really special,” he added. Scott directed the first two episodes of  Raised by Wolves, which will premiere tomorrow. The series, with 10 chapters in all, would mark his debut as a director for the small screen were it not for a set of single episodes he directed in the 1960s for British series such as  Adam Adamant Lives!  and  Z Cars before even releasing his feature film debut,  The Duellists  (1977). 

However, Scott has been a very busy producer on television with series such as  The Terror,  The Good Fight,  The Good Wife,  The Man in the High Castle, and  Numb3rs. To these series is now added  Raised by Wolves, whose creator, Aaron Guzikowski, assured that this virtual premiere is “the culmination of a very long and very satisfactory adventure.” 

“The world has changed a lot since we started working on this (…). But we did a series about what it means to be human and it seems that we are going to ask this question for a long time, “he explained. “So to all the human beings in our cast, I want to thank you for the passion and soul that you have brought to this series. It was really inspiring ”, closed Guzikowski, whose CV highlights the script for the film  Prisoners  (2013), by Denis Villeneuve. 

Family, religion, and artificial intelligence are some of the themes that Raised by Wolves explore, whose premise places two androids, called Mother and Father, on a strange planet and with the mysterious mission of raising human children after Earth has been completely destroyed. Its cast includes actors such as Amanda Collin, Travis Fimmel, Niamh Algar, and Winta McGrath.

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