Fashion journalist Richard Buckley, the husband of designer and filmmaker Tom Ford, died this Sunday at the age of 73. This was revealed a few hours ago by the firm Tom Ford through a statement.

“Designer Tom Ford sadly announces the passing of Ricard Buckley, his beloved husband of 35 years. Richard passed away peacefully last night at his home in Los Angeles, with Tom and his son Jack by his side. He has died of natural causes, after a prolonged illness ”.Richard Buckley was born in Binghamton, New York, and worked as a fashion journalist in magazines such as New York Magazine, Vanity Fair, Vogue Italia, and Vogue Hommes, the latter publication of which he became editor-in-chief in 1999. Tom Ford was named He met in a New York parade in 1986, marrying him in 2014, shortly after the legalization of same-sex marriage in the United States, and after having with him a son, Alexander John Buckley Ford, born in September 2012.

In 2011, Tom Ford recalled in OUT magazine that He decided to marry him after meeting him for the second time in an elevator at the WWD offices, another of the magazines Richard Buckley worked for. “In that elevator, I decided that I was going to marry him. I’m very practical, and it was like, ‘Okay, there’s a lot of chemistry here.’ It ticked all my boxes and, boom, as soon as I got to the floor I was like, okay, sold, ”explained Tom Ford. “Meeting him was exciting but it also scared me, because I knew that he was different and that what I felt with him would be very different from what I had felt before.”

For his part, Richard Buckley recalled that when they met, Tom Ford, who at that time was still looking for a niche in the world of fashion, was already dreaming big. “For our first date, we went to a cheap Upper East Side restaurant called Albuquerque Eats. Tom kept chattering: ‘And in 10 years I will be showing my own collection in Paris, and I am going to be a millionaire, and I am going to do this and that ”.

Ford was not wrong, and during the more than three decades they lived together, Richard Buckley witnessed his husband’s triumphs in both fashion and film. In 1990, He moved with him to Milan, where Tom Ford took over the creative direction of Gucci and where Buckley began working for Mirabella magazine. The couple then moved to Paris and subsequently to London, having lived in recent years in their homes in New York, Santa Fe, and Los Angeles, where Buckley has finally died.

Tom Ford became the great support of his husband when in 1989, three years after starting their relationship, he had to undergo surgery for throat cancer. As Richard Buckley himself told The New York Times three years ago, Tom Ford designed a black silk scarf with special openings and collars for his tracheostomy tube. “Tom has seen me go through a lot. From my throat cancer to the death of my brother and my mother only 48 hours apart, to more attacks of pneumonia than I can count, ”Buckley revealed to the New York Times.

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