Rebel Wilson at three kilos from her target weight has lost 30 kilos!

Rebel Wilson’s diet known as the “Mayr method” has helped her lose 30 kilos

Melanie Elizabeth Bownds, better known as Rebel Wilson, is a 40-year-old comedy actress from Australia. In addition to being famous for her talent, she has now managed to grab the spotlight after losing weight and showing off an incredible figure. Wilson said last August that she had lost about 30 kilos of weight and that she expected to reach her goal of the weight of 75.

This morning Rebel assured that she is only three kilos away from reaching her desired weight, according to a post on Instagram. For this, she underwent an intense training circuit and diet. The actress indicated that for this goal she underwent the nutrition plan known as the ” Mayr method ” created by the Austrian Franz Xavier Mayr that focuses on correcting eating habits to improve overall health.

The creator of the method explains that people’s vital energy comes from the organs of digestion. If you feel tired, bloated, gas, or hemorrhoids, it is a clear sign that the diet is not adequate. Franz Mayr explains that her method does not seek to make people lose weight to be happy or to look skinny, but rather prepares the individual to improve health by stimulating the immune system and reducing inflammation of the abdomen.

This method eliminates ultra-processed foods, sugar, coffee, dairy, and gluten from the diet. Rebel opted for a diet that included whole foods, herbal teas, fish, vegetables, and low-fat protein, combined with high-intensity interval exercise (HIIT) systems, which are a combination of resistance and strength.

After months of counseling, Rebel has made it known that she is happy to almost reach her goal of reaching the weight of 75 kilos. She also said that she never had problems with insecurities with her weight, but that it was already causing him health problems so she considered it necessary to intervene. This health problem was detected in December 2018, when she was skiing in Aspen and she lost feeling in one of her feet.

In her Instagram account, she revealed part of her daily routine, she said that she gets up early (6 in the morning), takes a walk, and ran a couple of times for 100 meters to increase her heart rate and was proud of her progress. She sent a positive message to everyone saying “Even if you have to crawl towards your goals, keep going because it will be worth it. Try to put in a little effort each day.”

She added that despite her strict diet, She still takes some exceptions since in one of the photographs on her Instagram she is seen eating a small cupcake. She said that once or twice a week she allows herself to eat these kinds of things and that she doesn’t feel stressed about it.

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