MUrio at 98 famous fashion designer Pierre Cardin and French designer . His death occurred in the American hospital in Neuilly, in the United States.

The news was confirmed by his family in a statement released by AFP . “It is a day of great sadness for our entire family, Pierre Cardin is gone. The great fashion designer that he was, he crossed the century, leaving France and the world an artistic legacy unique to the world, but not only. We are proud of his tenacious ambition and the audacity he displayed throughout his life. Modern man with multiple talents and inexhaustible energy, he became involved very early in the flows of globalization of goods and trade ”, expressed the relatives of Pierre Cardin.

Pierre Cardin’s death was also confirmed by the French Academy of Fine Arts.

Pierre Cardin Died

Pierre Cardin

Cardin was one of the pioneers in installing the concept of “Prêt-à-porter  (“Ready to wear”) in the world of fashion He was a businessman, he made his fame, his prestige and his money in post-war European times. Together with other famous designers such as Andre Courreges and Paco Rabanne they renewed French haute couture.

Pierre Cardin: an entrepreneur who changed the fashion business

Pierre Cardin presented his first collection in 1953. His teacher and mentor was Christian Dior. The famed fashion designer taught him the tricks of the trade.

“I have always tried to be different, to be myself. If people like it or not, it does not matter ”, defined his work imprint Pierre Cardin in an interview he gave to the Reuters agency.

As the world began to recover from World War II, Pierre Cardin realized that it was possible to transcend the borders of Europe with his fashion designs. In the 1960s he presented his first futuristic collections, a hallmark of his art. Those clothes made him famous all over the world.

In those years he had another disruptive attitude that made him not only one of the best designers, but also a great businessman. It adopted an extensive global licensing system by incorporating items that had little to do with fashion such as cigarettes, perfumes and bottles of mineral water into its collection.

His work generated a strong impact in Asia, in that continent a business opportunity opened up that was decisive for his working life. From 1957 he began to exhibit in Japan. In 1979 he traveled to China and since then he has also organized parades there.

Pierre Cardin: a life dedicated to fashion

The life of Pierre Cardin, a famous designer who died at the age of 98, has always been linked to the world of fashion.

According to the newspaper “Le Monde” his first job was when he was 14 years old, as a tailor’s assistant in a fashion house in Saint-Etienne, France. In 1944 he entered the famous “Casa Pasquin”, he was in charge of designing the costumes for the film “Beauty and the Beast” (1946) , directed by the famous poet, playwright and film director Jean Cocteau.

In 1947, driven by the fame that his job for “Beauty and the Beast” had earned him, an unknown Christian Dior hired him to work in the first fashion house that the famous designer opened in Paris.

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