Peter Bowles Net Worth At The Time Of His Death

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Peter Bowles was an English stage and television actor. Peter Bowles‘ net worth is estimated to be around 2 million USD at the time of his death. We have estimated Peter Bowles’ net worth from salary, money, income, and assets.

 NamePeter Bowles
Age85 years
Date of birth
October 16, 1936
DiedMarch 17, 2022
Spouse(s)Susan Bowles (m. 1961–2022)
ParentsHerbert Reginald Bowles, Sarah Jane Bowles
Net Worth$2 million
Last updated2022

Peter Bowles Cause Of Death

British actor Peter Bowles, star of the TV series To The Manor Born, which ran on British state broadcaster BBC from 1979 to 1981, died of cancer at the age of 85, his agent revealed in a statement quoted by the Daily Mail. The artist has maintained an astonishing 66-year career and has become the most famous and beloved ” English gentleman “.

The actor starred in the BBC hit comedy as Richard DeVere opposite Penelope Keith, which had audiences of over 20 million across all of its twenty-one episodes. According to the tabloid, 27 million watched the final episode.

Announcing the actor’s death in a statement, his agent said: “Actor Peter Bowles has passed away at the age of 85 from cancer. Beginning his career at the Old Vic Theater in 1956, he starred in 45 stage productions ending at age 81 in The Exorcist at the Phoenix Theatre. He worked consistently on stage and screen, becoming a household name on TV as the symbol of the English gentleman into The Manor Born, Only When I Laugh, The Bounder, and Lytton’s Diary, which he created himself. He is survived by his wife of over 60 years Sue and their three children Guy, Adam, and Sasha.”

In addition to the famous British TV series, Peter Bowles participated in several film productions, such as After That Kiss (1966) and The Gangsters (2000).

Legendary director Peter Hall described him as “the greatest orator of verse in the English language”. According to the Daily Mail, when he was not acting, the artist liked to drive his Rolls-Royce, which he acquired after several Porsches. He smoked heavily and used to drink with fellow actors, but admitted in 2018: “They’re all dead now.”

Born in London in 1936, he grew up in Nottingham and won a scholarship to the prestigious Royal Academy of Dramatic Art before excelling on stage with the Old Vic Company (theater company).

He played villains on several TV series, including The Avengers and The Saint, but it was with a mustache into The Manor Born, co-starring Penelope Keith, that he became best known.

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