Pernambuco Singer Augusto César Dies, Aged 61

Pernambuco singer Augusto César died, on Tuesday night (20), at 61, in Recife. He, who had a 35-year career, was admitted to the Hospital da Hapvida da Caxangá, in the West Zone of the capital of Pernambuco, since Monday (19).

Diabetic, Augusto had aggravated kidney problems after contracting Covid-19 and died after several cardiac arrests, around 10:15 pm.

According to one of the singer’s sons, also his musician and businessman, Guto César, Augusto’s diabetes had altered rates and kidney functions were impaired.

“In the death report, there is the contamination of coronavirus. What gave more trouble was diabetes that triggered and complicated his situation,” Guto César told the report, adding that the singer had not yet taken the coronavirus vaccine because when the age group was opened, he had symptoms of the disease, such as fever, which makes it impossible to apply the immunizer.

With the coronavirus symptoms, Augusto César was initially helped to the Hospital da Hapvida do Derby, in the central area of ​​Recife. After a CT scan, he was transferred to the semi-intensive ward.

Because he needed to be intubated, he was referred to an ICU at the Caxangá unit. “They tried to revert the situation, but failed and it was transferred. They tried not to intubate, but it ended up needing, and then it didn’t take that long,” recalled Guto César.

On Tuesday night, Augusto had respiratory failure and cardiac arrest. “There were four cardiac arrests. The doctor said he never saw a deal like that, usually, there are two. He was very eager to live,” lamented the son.

In conversation with his friend Vaginaldo Rossi, a cover by Reginaldo Rossi in Recife, two days before he was admitted, Augusto César had talked about the current pandemic situation.

“This thing comes [the pandemic] that we never imagined would happen in our lives and everything is blurry, we don’t really know what will happen, the uncertainty is very great”, said Augusto.

Success owner

Augusto César was born in Paulista, on July 27, 1959, and has four children and two grandchildren.

“My father was a guy who liked being in the middle of the public. It didn’t make sense to him to be distant from the people he fought so hard to conquer with his popularity. He said he didn’t want to be famous, he wanted to be known, and that If he were famous, maybe he couldn’t do what he did. He couldn’t go to the corner bakery for coffee, “said Guto César.

Among his biggest hits, are the songs “Escalada”, “Desiring You In Silence”, “Amor De Verdade” and “How can I forget you?”. He is also the author of “Aguenta Coração”, a mega success in the voice of José Augusto.

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