Nayara Vit Died: What Happened To Her?

Brazilian model Nayara Vit, 33, died in Santiago, Chile, after falling from the 12th floor of a residential building in an upscale area of ​​the city. According to local media, she died in “unknown circumstances” last Wednesday (7).

Also, according to the Chilean press, Nayara’s family wants the case to be thoroughly investigated. The model’s cousin, Flavia Puga, informed that the news of the Brazilian’s death was announced by the model’s ex-husband, Oscar.

According to the Extra newspaper, the model was considered a celebrity in the capital, after having participated in a Chilean program called “Toc Show” in 2015. She was born in Cuiabá, Mato Grosso, and had lived in Chile for 16 years.

Nayara’s brother, Guilherme Vit, told Campo Grande News that the family does not believe it was a suicide and wants a thorough investigation into the case. They hope to travel to the country this week to talk to law enforcement officials.

Nayara Vit Died
Nayara Vit /Photo

According to her brother, the model had no history of depression: “On the contrary, she was always very happy. Her birthday was on the 3rd, she spoke to everyone on the phone, she was happy. My mom talked to her the day it happened. She was very happy because the gym was going to reopen, making plans for the future, talking about daily life”, she says.

Nayara had a 4-year-old daughter and had been separated from her husband for eight months. Currently, she had a relationship with Rodrigo Del Valle Mijac, director of a technology company in Santiago.

The executive reported that she was sitting in the living room of the apartment when the model ran past and threw herself off the balcony. The version was challenged by Guilherme Vit.

Vanessa Borghi, the television presenter, said goodbye to her friend through her Instagram account. “Then there will be time to analyze what happened, cry and let off steam. A very close person is gone. I just ask that her family is strong and united,” she wrote.

Nayara has lived in different places around the world but would have been enchanted by Chile and chosen the country to stay. “That’s where she decided to live for the last 16 years of her life,” says Puga.

The model arrived in the country in 2005 and became known nationally after participating in the “Toc Show” program in 2015.

Famous people lamented the death of the model on social networks. Television presenter Vanessa Borghi wrote:

“Then there will be time to analyze what happened, cry and let off steam. A very close person is gone. I just ask that her family be strong and stay united”.

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