Musician Tremour Car Accident, What Happened To Victor Mwangobola?

Musician Victor Mwangobola, better known as Tremour, passed away on July 30, 2023.

Tower Chaswabande, Tremour’s mother, posted on social media the following to confirm his death:

“Known for his hit “Mpanipani,” Tremour was involved in a car accident some days ago where he sustained major head injuries.”

Incident details:

Tremour, hospitalized a few days ago, tragically passed away today at Kamuzu Central Hospital in Lilongwe due to an accident.

The artist was riding a motorcycle (Kabanza) when he was involved in an automobile collision last Sunday. The artist suffered serious head and skull injuries in the collision.

Everyone becomes depressed and devastated as word of his death spreads. Tremour’s untimely passing is a big loss for the music business since he leaves a legacy that everyone who followed his career will remember.


His loved ones began to grieve, paying tribute to him and sending him sympathies via social media.

“Days passed like numbers; hours went so vast; we heard a strong voice from the hospital. There was a young boy who had been injured must be a car accident. Afterward, we saw good people coming from all corners to help him.

We tried and loved you, brother, but God loved you more, Tremour.”

“So sad Tremour

Our young, trending, talented icon artist died after he sustained a head injury in a car accident.

Oh oh!! God, may he rest well.

This mush discouragements us young upcoming artist kuona mene oimba achichepere akumwalilira.”

About Tremour Career:

The well-known pop singer Tremor, whose most recent singles, Mpanipani and Golide M’moto, were released in 2022, is back with another lovely video from his most recent album, Mudzi.

Tremor was a performer who primarily appeared in his music videos. Victor Yaphama Mwangobola, also known as Tremour, dropped the video a week ago, on June 2023.

The afro-pop superstar, well-known for his hit song “Mvera Again,” just released a new album called Golide Mu Moto.

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