Musical Artist Tito Martínez Dies At 72

Paraguayan singer Tito Martínez, a former member of “Los Flats” and who developed a large part of his career in Las Vegas, United States, died on Monday afternoon at the age of 72. The artist was hospitalized due to various health complications.

Miguel Ángel “Tito” Martínez began his musical career in 1965 integrating Los Junior, a group dedicated to romantic music. After a decade he ventured into folk music with the group Los Carlos, to later join Los Santos del Paraguay. With this group he traveled to Chile and appeared on the program Sábado Gigante, hosted by the popular presenter Don Francisco.

with Rigoberto Arévalo he formed Los Bemoles, a group with which he toured various stages in South America, the United States, and Europe. “You can only learn to perform our folk music well by accompanying high-value artists and sharing with them a good part of their life, up and down the stage, and that gave me Los Flats”, said the artist in an interview for ABC Color.

In 1985 he settled in Las Vegas, United States, where for several years he performed at the famous Caesars Palace and MGM hotels, among other venues. He released solo albums such as “Evocando memories” and “Poquita fe”. The wake will be held in the Jardín de la Paz room (Alberdi and Milano), reported his relatives.

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