Mila Moreira Died: What Was Her Cause Of Death?

The actress was admitted to the hospital and died early this Monday (6). She was one of the first models to act and was in soaps such as ‘Plumas e Sequins’ and ‘Marron Glacé’.

Actress Mila Moreira died early this Monday (6). The information was confirmed by CopaStar Hospital, in the South Zone of Rio, where she was hospitalized. The cause of death was not disclosed. There is still no information about the artist’s wake and burial.

Mila began her career as a model at age 14 and participated in several soap operas on TV Globo, including “Plumas e Paetês” and “Marron Glacé”. Throughout her career, she has been in around 30 soap operas and miniseries.

She was one of the first models to act in soap operas. In an interview with Vídeo Show, she claimed to have faced prejudice. Her debut took place in “Marron Glacé”, in 1979 when she played Érica.

“At the time, it wasn’t common to have a model doing television, so of course, initially, there was prejudice. Everyone was waiting to get their shit together. The crooked eyes were more because of being an out-of-class person. like today, people still think you’re stealing other people’s work. You study to be an actress and someone comes along who becomes an actress just because she’s cute and fashionable,” said Mila.

Mila Moreira’s pioneering spirit and success in soap operas made the idea of ​​models in the cast more accepted. After her, came actors and actresses such as Luma de Oliveira, Camila Queiroz, Cauã Reymond, Malvino Salvador and Reynaldo Gianecchini.

In cinema, Mila acted in films such as “Os Saltimbancos Trapalhões” (1981) and “Days Best Will Come” (1989).
See below excerpts from Mila Moreira in the soap opera “Marron Glacé”:

last job on TV

Her last work on TV was the soap opera A Lei do Amor, in 2016. Mila became known for playing elegant women like her.

Among outstanding soap operas in which the actress participated are “They for Them”, “Body to the Body”, “Que Rei Am Eu?”, “My Good, My Evil”, “Tropical Paradise”, “Ti Ti Ti”.
See below excerpts from Mila Moreira in “Elas por Elas”:

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