Michael Constantine Net Worth At The Time Of His Death

Michael Constantine Net Worth

This is one of the questions that people ask the most about Michael Constantine, and although they always end up answering it on other pages with an “I don’t know, you know” or “it depends” if there are some estimates that various web portals mention.

Michael Constantine Net Worth: The French actor Michel Constantin, an emblem of the character of tough with a tender heart and who had a net worth of $4 million at the time of his death. However, it is not possible to make an exact calculation about the fortune of this great actor. We have estimated Michael Constantine’s net worth, salary, money, income, and assets.

Name: Michael Constantine
Net Worth: $4 million
Date of birth: May 22, 1927
Age: 94 years
Profession: Actor
Nationality: American

Michael Constantine Died

Michael Constantine, famous for playing the character Gus, the father of the character  Toula Portokalos, played by actress Nia Vardalos, in the comedy film Greek Wedding, died at 94 years old. The actor died on August 31, however, the information was disclosed by his agent to Variety magazine, this Thursday (9). He died of natural causes.

In addition to the blockbuster film, Constantine starred in major television comedies. He played director Seymour Kaufman in the high school comedy Room 222 , which aired on ABC between 1969 and 74, and also starred Lloyd Haynes as professor Pete Dixon. He was nominated twice for an Emmy, in 1970 and 1971, winning the first time for his work in Room 222.

Nia Vardalos, the protagonist of the two films, said goodbye to her partner via Twitter. ” Michael Constantine, the father of our family and cast, a gift to the written word and always a friend. Acting with him was like a rush of love and fun. I will treasure this man who brought Gus to life. He gave us lots of laughs and Now he deserves a break. We love you, Michael. ”

Michael Constantine Biography

Michael Constantine was already a well-known actor before playing the patriarch of the Portokalos family, a deep believer in the powers of the Windex. He had won the Emmy for Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series and had been nominated for a Golden Globe for Best Television Actor for his unforgettable role on the series “Room 222.”

Despite being born in Pennsylvania, he is capable of imitating all kinds of accents, as he has shown by playing French, German, Italian, Russian, and Irish characters in various films.

He made his Broadway debut as part of the choral cast of the play “The Inheritance of the Wind”, which premiered on April 21, 1955, and which continued on the bill until June 22, 1957, with a total of 806 performances.


He then worked on the play “Compulsion”, which was to star Frank Conroy. But the latter had a heart attack the night before the premiere and the producer asked Michael Constantine to replace him. The play continued on the bill for 149 performances.

His last Broadway appearance was in Tony Richardson’s adaptation of Bertolt Brecht’s “The Resilient Rise of Arturo Ui,” in which he played Dogsborough.

He made his big-screen debut in The Hustler, with Paul Newman. He worked regularly in the theatrical works of the television anthologies “Armstrong Circle Theater” and “Play of the Week.” He has been a guest artist in many series, among which we will highlight “The untouchables”, and we have seen him in feature films such as If today is Tuesday, this is Belgium, and The USA in the Russian zone, among others.

Michael Constantine had a regular role on the series “Hey, Landlord” and “Sirota’s Court,” for which he was again nominated for an Emmy for Best Actor in a Comedy or Musical Series in 1977.

He resides in Los Angeles.

Michael Constantine Net Worth

Actor Michael Constantine, 94, passed away on August 31 who had a net worth of $4 million at the time of his death.

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