MC Kevin Died: What Happened To Him?

The autopsy performed on MC Kevin’s body on Monday morning showed that the Brazilian singer had 13 fractures on his body after falling from a height of approximately 18 meters from a beachfront hotel in Barra da Tijuca, in the Zona West of Rio de Janeiro.

Kevin Nascimento Bueno, the 23-year-old’s real name, also suffered a hemorrhage in his head, a perforated lung, and a ruptured liver. The cause of death is described as a traumatic brain injury, caused by forceful action.

According to the autopsy report, published by O GLOBO, MC Kevin suffered fractures to his nose, jaw, and 10 ribs on the left side of his body. Kevin also had a black eye and a swollen head and bruises on both armpits and both thighs.

Suicide or accident?

Brazilian model Bianca Domingues, who was with MC Kevin in the hotel room when the musician fell from the balcony, said on social media that the singer’s death “was an accident

Although the first versions indicated that he tried to jump into the pool, now they affirm that he was looking to go to another balcony after having sex with a model in a room on the fifth floor.

A few hours after the death of Kevin Nascimento Bueno, popularly known as MC Kevin, after falling from the fifth floor of a hotel in the west of Rio de Janeiro, more details about what happened are being known

The model lover of MC Kevin spoke who was in the room from which he fell in a hotel in Brazil

As confirmed by multiple testimonies, in addition to a few last hours of drugs, alcohol, and group sex, the fall occurred while the singer was in a room with his friend Victor Elias Fontenelle and the model and luxury escort Bianca Dominguez. There the three of them were having sex. According to witnesses, the fall occurred after Kevin tried to jump from the balcony into the downstairs room in fear of being discovered by his wife, attorney Deolane Bezerra.


Two witnesses have informed authorities that the musician was running away from his wife after having sex with a model in another hotel room, so he decided to jump from the balcony to avoid being seen by her.

According to an international media report, MC Kevin tried to fall into the pool but hit his head and died.

O Globo narrated the testimony of the fitness model, Bianca Domingues and the funker Victor Elias Fontenelle, who said they were in room 502 of the hotel on the outskirts of Barra da Tijuca, in the western area of ​​Rio, from which MC Kevin fell and died.

The two commented that they had had sex in the bedroom. Then the woman accompanied the singer to the balcony and she commented that he was afraid that his wife would find out, so he decided to jump to the apartment below.

Meanwhile, the artist’s wife, lawyer Deolane Bezerra, who was staying in room 1302 of the same hotel, was looking for her husband through calls and messages.

MC Kevin Died

On her Instagram profile, Domingues wrote that she saw “everything,” said he couldn’t believe what happened and asked for prayers.

The 23-year-old O funkeiro died after falling from one of the hotel’s balconies earlier on Sunday (16). He was taken to the Miguel Couto Hospital, in serious condition, but he did not resist. Friends and family went to the hospital as soon as they received information about the accident. The mood was of commotion.

According to the press office, firefighters were called at around 6:15 pm. On social media, a young woman even shared videos of Kevin on the balcony of a building during the afternoon, joking that the artist, who was staying in a hotel, was his neighbor. She also posted videos of a person being rescued by firefighters.

Videos of Kevin

In March, MC Kevin said he would quit his career and warned that he was back on drugs. “ Don’t expect any more posts from me, don’t expect any more songs, don’t expect any more of me. I’m leaving the networks, I’m not going to release an album, music anymore… if they release something from me [from the producer], it wasn’t with my permission. Forget me… forget about MC Kevin, there is no more in the funk scene ”, he said.

“ I stopped working out. As of today I started using my drugs again. I’m tired! A woman likes a man who uses drugs, scoundrels, who sucks, who cheats … Why be right? Go figure. When it’s good, it’s bad. When it’s bad, it’s even worse ”, who in April married the criminal lawyer Deolane Bezerra .

In February we announced the release of the album “ Fenix ”, where the MC created to challenge the media.

MC Kevin Dies
MC Kevin /Photo

The lawyer Deolane Bezerra, with whom the artist had married in April and who was with him in Rio, gave testimony at dawn at the 6th Police Station, in Barra. Kevin’s friends and staff were also heard. His body is at IML (Instituto Médico Legal).

Valquiria Nascimento, the singer’s mother, said goodbye to her son with a post on social media in which she claimed to have lost a piece of herself.

According to Valquíria, the son’s last words to her were “mother, I love you”. She returned the statement saying that she also loved her son until the last day of his life. Deolane Bezerra stated that he will forever be the love of his life. “I will always love you,” he said.

Several celebrities mourned the death and remembered moments beside Kevin. Among them is the player Neymar, who was an idol for MC Kevin. “We had agreed to meet now on my vacation, but unfortunately we will not be able to. I am sure that I will still embrace you and thank you for trusting me, in the person that I am. Go in peace, boy! ”He said.

MC Kevin’s death had international repercussions and the actor and screenwriter Marlon Wayans, from the film “As Branquelas”, lamented what happened. “Such a sweet and pure soul,” he wrote on Instagram. “Who am I going to party with now when I go to Brazil?”

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“This was the last picture you sent me, my son. Today a piece of me left. Wow, son, we had so many plans, so much to do together, I can’t believe you left me. And now who am I going to fight with? , how do I wake up angry at dawn, with whom will I ask for advice, with whom will I talk? My son, friend, the man of the house, you are taking a piece of me. I am sure that from today the sky will not be more the same with his arrival there. It hurts so much, so much, but so much. I have no words. I just want to ask God to take care of him there for me. Son, the last thing you said was ‘mom, I love you’. I also want to tell you, son, I love you. Thank you for everything, but everything. I love you until the last day of my life “, she wrote

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