Marc Rebillet Net Worth & Earnings (Updated 2022)

What is Marc Rebillet ’s net worth?

Net Worth: 150,000
Age: 33
Born: December 15, 1988, Dallas, TX
Country of Origin: American
Source of Wealth: Musician, Youtube
Last Updated: 2022

Marc Rebillet is a musician and YouTuber from America. He is a comedian who expresses jokes via music. Rebillet has three studio albums, including Marc Rebillet, Europe, and loop daddy 3, which have given him immense recognition.

Marc Rebillet has more than 1.9 million subscribers on YouTube while. Twitch is a live streaming platform, and Marc has about 60 million subscribers on that platform. He has gained massive popularity for his electronic songs. YouTube and Twitch live stream shows are a handsome source of earnings for Marc Rebillet.

As of 2022, Marc Rebillet net worth is about $150K at present which is expected to rise as he is earning enough through his YouTube advertising. Want to know more about Marc? Continue to read!

Early Life:

Marc Rebillet was born on December 15, in 1988. He is from Dallas, Texas, currently based in New York City. Rebillet’s father was French, and his mother is from South Carolina. Marc started playing the piano when he was four years old and focused on classical music until 15.

He has attended his high school in Dallas. Marc was dropped out of university and studied acting for just one year. And after that, he finds out his love for music. Rebillet first went viral in 2007 after he was spotted buying an iPhone. He got recognition in 2016. Later on, in 2017, he moved to New York City.

Personal life:

Marc Rebillet is the only child, so he is close to his parents. He got love and support from his family, and they respected his passion for music. Marc’s father died in august 2018.

On the death anniversary of his father, Marc said, “Greatest father I could have ever asked for.” Marc keeps his personal life private hence information about his dating life is under research. He has been dating his ex-girlfriend since 2013, and they used to have a good time together.

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Marc Rebillet is 33 years old American electronic YouTuber. He comically expresses music. His religion is Christianity. Marc’s eye color is hazel, while his hair color is brown, making him a handsome guy. Marc, who stands 1.67m tall, is a single guy, but he used to be in a relationship since he was 24.

He joined YouTube in 2016, now has 1.9M subscribers and 144.9M views. On Twitch, he has 60M subscribers and 86.6 total views, which means he has a great fan base on that platform.

Professional Life

Marc is famous for his comical and electronic music. He has launched three musical albums and two extended play records, which has played a crucial role in his success. Well, live streaming has played a vital role in his successful career.

Back in 2016, Marc joined YouTube, and now he has been earning a lot from his videos. Besides that, social media platforms have also played a key role in his successful career!

Awards and recognition:

Billboard named Marc as a “billboard dance emerging artist” in august 2019.

In December 2019, shack news awarded Rebillet the “do it for shack news award 2019.”

Clubbing TV named Marc no.2 on its list of top 40 streaming DJs in 2020.

Marc Rebillet Net Worth

Marc is a famous YouTuber who earns a lot through music. His tour in the United States and Europe became his source of revenue. YouTube is a significant part of Marc’s career. Many of his videos go viral and contribute a lot to Marc Rebillet net worth.

Marc has earned $1168 in the last seven days through his YouTube channel. Marc Rebillet net worth, according to the 2022 update, is $150,000.

Well, live streaming is also a source of revenue. During the covid-19 pandemic, Marc did free live streaming shows on Twitch. Marc is considered one of the most energetic performers, and people enjoy his funny songs.

In this way, live performances are the most fundamental source of income which is the main reason for Marc Rebillet net worth which is a handsome amount. Primarily Marc was streaming live using some of his instrument loop station, keyboard, vocals, and percussion to produce sound in his apartment.

How much does Marc Rebillet earn daily?

Marc Rebillet’s daily expected earnings range from $229 to $3714. And, this is his total avenue daily.

How much does Marc Rebillet make in a month?

Through all the social media platforms, YouTube, and other sources, Marc earned $1,600 to $26,000.

How much does Marc Rebillet make a year?

Marc earns over $90,000 per year through all these sources of income by working on different music projects.

Sources of Income

Marc Rebillet has many sources of income as he is a famous personality. Marc earns from every social media platform, including Instagram, Facebook, Twitch, etc. And, other than media, he makes it through live performances and interviews.

Facts about Marc Rebillet:

  • He first went viral in 2007 when he was 18 years old.
  • Marc becomes the focus of a local news report at a young age
  • Rebillet initially started as an actor, went to an acting school for one year, and then dropped out.
  • Marc becomes a superstar pretty quickly because of his energetic and joyful video.

He earned a nickname which was ‘loop daddy.’

Reggie watts was Marc’s inspiration for music. Luckily after a few years, he could jam with his idol.
After months he debuts a live stream of music collaboration with his idols.

Marc gained a lot of fans during the pandemic lockdown as people love watching his video, which makes them happy during a critical situation all over the world.

The funniest fact about Marc is his live-streamed performance are pretty different from performances that have taken place when he’s on stage in front of a live audience.
Marc Rebillet got famous fans, including Snoop Dogg, T-pain, rappers, and law & order.


As a musician and YouTuber, Marc Rebillet net worth is very impressive. However, he is still working hard and making more music for his fans. Rebillet recently started playing gigs. As of 2022, Marc Rebillet net worth is $150,000, which will rise in the coming years as he has been working on multiple platforms!

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