Luis Gustavo Died: What Was His Cause Of Death?

Luis Gustavo died this Sunday (19) victim of bowel cancer. According to Cássio Gabus Mendes, nephew of the actor, his uncle died at home after spending a period in hospital. Know more!

Luis Gustavo died this Sunday (19), at 87 years of age, a victim of bowel cancer, a disease that also affected Eva Wilma, at the same age, shortly before she died of respiratory failure, four months ago.

The actor’s nephew, Cássio Gabus Mendes informed that Tatá, as Luis Gustavo was called by his friends, had been fighting cancer for 3 years. ” It was very difficult. In the last month, he spent some time in the hospital, but he died at home. He wanted to go home,” he said.

Cássio also revealed how the famous uncle’s farewell was: ” It was fine, calm. He managed to stay at home for a week and a half. The family said goodbye to him. He was even happy, smiling a little. And he slept. Of course, he was medicated. , all right”. The artist then explained: “He spent all these days with Cris [Botelho, the actor’s wife]. Anyway, the family had already said goodbye. He was in Itatiba [São Paulo]”.

Moved, Cássio lamented: “He’s going to rest and miss him a lot. He suffered a few years with this disease, but he rested in peace. Now that’s it. We just know he’s enlightening us wherever he is. But it was a peaceful passage, after a few years of battle. Another giant is gone. When it’s close, it’s harder, but we have to think about the good things and pray for him. He’ll stay there, in light and peace, for sure.”.

Famous People Mourn Luis Gustavo’s Death

On social networks, many fellow professionals recalled works with Luis Gustavo and lamented the death of the actor, who, like Tarcísio Meira, who died recently after contracting Covid-19, made history on Brazilian TV.

“My beloved Tata, I confess that I was not prepared to say goodbye to you. I didn’t even dream of this moment, because besides my idol, you were one of the best people I had the opportunity to come across on this plane. What a beautiful existence!”, declared Miguel Falabella.

“This is one of those matches that only makes me further enhance the importance of your arrival in my life,” wrote Danielle Winits.

Carolina Dieckmann remembered the soap opera ” Joia Rara “, when she acted alongside Luis Gustavo and also Domingos Montagner, who died 5 years ago, drowned in the São Francisco River. “You were kind and sweet, plus extraordinary talent and overwhelming charisma. God must be giving you one of those hugs we’ll miss the most. Now you and Domingos are together… and one day, we’ll all be.” On the occasion of the recording of the six o’clock plot, in 2013, Luis Gustavo spent a month in hospital to treat a heart infection

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