Leslie Bricusse Died: What Was His Cause Of Death?

He won two Oscars for his lyrics to well-known movie songs. British Leslie Bricusse, has died at the age of 90, according to Adam Bricusse, his son.

The songwriter is also a Grammy winner for the song “What Kind of Fool Am I?” from the musical “Stop The World – I Want To Get Off”. And he still has on his resume the theme song for the movie “007 Contra Goldfinger” (1964).

According to The Guardian newspaper, Adam Bricusse, the composer’s son, announced his father’s death through his social networks, stating that he “died peacefully”. The cause was not reported. The composer was married to actress Yvonne Romain

Alongside Anthony Newley, he wrote ” Feeling Good ” for the musical The Roar of the Greasepaint – later, the composition was immortalized in the voice of Nina Simone. Love 101 (2020), Brooklyn Nine-Nine (2013) and The Legend of Candyman (2021) feature the artist’s last credits.

Born in London on January 29, 1931, Leslie Bricusse studied Performing Arts at Cambridge University. In the 1960s he associated with the musician Anthony Newley, with whom he wrote the musicals “Stop the World – I Want to Get Off” (1961) and “The Roar of the Greasepaint – The Smell of the Crowd” (1965).

Along with composer John Barry, Leslie Bricusse wrote the lyrics for the main themes of the 007 films James Bond vs. Goldfinger (1964) and You Only Live Twice (1967). He won an Oscar for “Talk to the Animals,” which played on The Extravagant Dr. Dolittle, and for his work alongside Henry Mancini on the Victor or Victoria score .

In 1958, Leslie Bricusse married the actress Yvonne Romain ( Appointment with death ), mother of his only child, who has accompanied him until his death.

Throughout his career, Bricusse has worked on more than 330 film and series soundtracks, according to IMDb. Among them, the theme song for 007 – Contra Goldfinger (1964) and Com 007 – Just Lives Two Times (1967), the songs of As Aventuras do Doutor Dolittle (1967), and The Fantastic Chocolate Factory (1971).

Together with John Williams, he wrote songs like “When you’re alone” and “We Don’t Wanna Grow Up”, by Hook, and “Somewhere In My Memory”, by Solo en casa. He retired from the cinema in 2001, after writing for this composer “Christmas at Hogwarts”, of the soundtrack of Harry Potter and the philosopher’s stone .

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Bricusse leaves his son and wife, Yvonne Romain.

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