Leonardo’s Aide Dies Of An Accidental Shooting At The Singer’s Farm

The aide to singer Leonardo and personal friend Newton Rodrigues died on Thursday (4), at Talismã farm, in Jussara. According to preliminary information from the Civil Police Station of Jussara, the death was caused by accidental shots from a firearm, supposedly, handled by the victim himself.

Initially, the fact had been reported as a possible suicide, which was removed by the teams of the Civil Police and the Technical Scientific Police according to the expert and investigative procedures at the scene.
In addition, after analyzing all the circumstances and information collected on the spot and produced in preliminary steps by the Civil Police, the main hypothesis is that the death occurred as a result of accidental firearm shots that occurred during the handling of a weapon, added to the absence of medical assistance. The firing of the gun, a Glock 380, took place at around 2 am on March 4, and the victim was found injured at around 12:30 pm on the same day, ”says an excerpt from the Civil Police note.

Milton, better known as Passim, was an aide to the musician and considered a member of the family. He had been in the music business for 30 years and looked after the career of Leonardo’s son, Zé Felipe. Information about the funeral and burial, which should take place in Goiânia, where the advisor lived, has not yet been released. It was also not informed to whom the weapon belonged.

In Passim’s profile, his son Hugo Rodrigues published a tribute, a song that, according to him, was the one his father liked most.

“I’m posting this song here for my dad, who was the one he liked to hear and sing the most. Whenever we were together taking one he asked ‘put that son of mine’, and it was always this one. I leave this beautiful memory of you here, Dad. I love you, ”he said.

Also on social media, Leonardo’s wife, Poliana Rocha, posted a tribute to the family’s longtime friend. Videos show Leonardo and company celebrating Passim’s birthday.

Still in a note, the Civil Police reported that the investigations will continue to clarify the case as soon as possible.

“All preliminary information will be verified during the investigations, in conjunction with the expert and medico-legal reports, which will culminate in the speedy conclusion of the police investigation initiated at the Jussara Police Station”, concludes the note.

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