The artists who attended had to undergo tests to detect any possible case of coronavirus.

In the 21st edition of the Latin Grammy Awards , despite the difficulties that arose from COVID-19, the awards were held in Miami, United States, where they showed a totally different version than what artists and spectators are used to.

The red carpet format to which the spectators of the awards are accustomed changed completely, with the health security protocols and without a large number of spectators, the artists attended the event where they had to keep their healthy distance to offer interviews and photographs to the press.

Carlos Vives was nominated for Best Album in this 2020 edition . He attended virtually together with Claudia Elena, from his home and, in the company of his family and friends, they set up a set allusive to the Latin Grammy red carpet with the phrase “Columbiana” the name of his award-nominated album.

In the presentation of the event, the Mexican actress Yalitza Aparicio was one of the conductors of the 21st edition of the Latin Grammy . Aparicio showed 3 different wardrobe changes throughout the night, highlighting that for the red carpet she wore a Mexican pink dress, for the awards ceremony she wore a colored dress and finally, at the end of the broadcast, she wore a short colored dress blue.

latin grammys
(Photo: Instagram @ sebastianyatra)

For his part, Camilo was nominated in six different categories at the 2020 Latin Grammy Awards . His outfits were predominantly black, for his stage performance he wore a loose set of short sleeves along with Pedro Capo.

“I thought it would be a very personal song, but it ended up meaning a lot to many people and we are happy” were Camilo’s words about his song “TUTU” performed together with Capo . Song that led him to be nominated at the awards and win the award for best Pop song.

laltin grammys
Presentation by Camilo and Pedro Capo (AP Photo / Marta Lavandier)

J Balvin wore a white suit with red details, alluding to his song from his album “Colores” nominated for best urban music album, who competed with Bad Bunny in the same category. To the surprise of many, the winner was J Balvin, who also broke the Guinness Record for obtaining 13 nominations in a year at the awards, this for his albums “Colores” and “Oasis”.

latin grammys
J balvin performed his song “Rojo” (AP Photo / Taimy Alvarez)

Sebastián Yatra arrived with a Dolce brand suit, wine color, shorts and a decorative gold-colored jewel in the shape of a heart. For the time of his presentation, he chose to wear a silver jacket that stood out on stage, along with black pants. His song “Ideal Girl” was part of the show on the night of the Grammys.

latin grammys
Sebastian Yatra performs at the 21st Latin Grammy Awards, airing on Thursday, Nov. 19, 2020, at American Airlines Arena in Miami. (AP Photo / Marta Lavandier)

For the category of best new artist came the name of Argentine Nathy Peluso , a singer-songwriter who has launched her musical projects that led her to be nominated in this category. Her works are a fusion of hip-hop, soul, trap and jazz.


latin grammys
In the image, the Argentine singer and songwriter, Nathy Peluso, EFE / JAVIER ZORRILLA / Archive

Pitbull , with his typical sunglasses and jacket, took to the Miami stage to sing at the Latin Grammys. He spoke about the health issue that humanity is experiencing with the Covid-19 pandemic. He highlighted the importance of music in times of crisis: “I can’t imagine a world without music” were his words to dedicate the song “I Believe That We Will Win.”


latin grammys
In the picture, the singer Pitbull. EFE / Kamil Krzaczynski / Archive


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